It happens to the best of us, doesn't it? You go through a breakup, mid-life crisis or some other personal transformation and think;

It's time for a new me. I'm going to cut off my hair. There's something fierce about a freshly cut bob.

And how can you not be in love with your new 'do after it's been professionally styled with a perfect, silky soft blow out.

That is, until you wake up the next day and realise: You're on your own now. There's a certain skill to curling or styling short hair.

When you have less hair to play with, the prep and the tools you use to curl your hair are extra important.

Here's what you need to know to curl your short hair like the pros.

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What type of curling iron is best for short hair?

For short hair, you're going to need a more narrow curling iron.

And no, I promise you there will not be any Shirley Temple curls here.

It's just about using a narrow curling iron so you have the ability to wrap your short hair around the width of the barrel enough times to create a curl.

The perk of a narrow curling barrel is your hair will be able to hold the curls longer.


If your hair is short and fine, I recommend curling your hair quite tight.

Once your hair cools down, then go in and brush or comb out the curls to soften the wave.

How can I curl my hair overnight without curlers?

I love soft styled waves as much as the next girl, but the reality is heat styling easily damages our hair.

If you're trying to cut down on heat styling to protect your hair from damage, there are ways to still curl your hair without heat.

For short hair, you can braid or plait semi-wet hair and sleep in it overnight, or twist your hair in a scarf or headband.

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How to achieve long-lasting curls in short hair

The biggest challenge when curling short hair is ensuring the curls STAY CURLED.

It's no easy feat, especially if your hair is short and on the fine side.

This is when it comes down to prepping your hair right, and using the correct products to hold the curls.

If your hair is fine and you're curling freshly washed hair, it can help to spray a thermal hold spray on wet hair before drying.

Of course, all hair experts are avid fans of applying a soft hairspray or texture spray post curl for extra grit and hold.

Here, Amelia shows you how she creates long-lasting curls in her short hair.

Amelia Webb uses her MEDIUM halo in col. Beige Blonde 613 to create voluminous curly short hair:

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Hi guys and welcome to the Sitting Pretty YouTube channel.

I'm Amelia Webb and I am here to give you another tutorial on how I style my short halo.

As you guys can see I've got wet hair, I've just got out the shower, I've quickly done at my face and now I'm just going to blow dry my hair.

So I use the path luxe 1,800 blow dryer and I don't actually put any product in beforehand, so I just literally blow wave it as it is and then I put the product in after.

When I am styling, when blow-drying my hair I just blow dry my hair upwards so to give it a little tiny bit of volume.

I find that that helps with my hair so I literally just blow wave it up.


Once the hair is all dry I then go in and I curl my own hair. So I'm using the Babyliss Pro and I don't actually know what size this is, I think it's 33 millimetres, it's a little bit small at this end and then it goes longer at the bottom.

I can't actually use the straightener on my own hair so I use the wand I find it the easiest. It does take a little bit longer but that's fine by me.

So I just get the curling wand and I go backward off my hair.

The last little bit up here I just take out and I just part in the middle and then I just curl those sides the exact same way. So I just grab it here and let it cool.

So I haven't put any hairspray in my hair at the moment, I'm just letting them all cool down.

I put hairspray in right at the last minute and a little bit of texturizing spray cuz I want this to be like a really, I don't know kind of like a beaachy textured kind of look.

This is the curls all done, but now for the fun part I am adding in my halo cause I want more volume and I want it to be thicker.

So I actually have the Medium halo, I have cut this myself.

So it does come extremely long and I have cut it to my length. I actually got my hairdresser to do that, or you can do it yourself whatever works for you.

Then I am just going to style it. I've got it on a coat hanger because it's easier to kind of put up I'll kind of show you here I'll see if I can put it on here.

So to curl the halo yourself this is an easy way to do it.

So you literally just put it on to a coat hanger you hang it up either in the bathroom or somewhere and you literally just get your curler and now you can curl all the bits that you need, if you've got no one to hold the halo for you.

So I'll do that one now. Once the halo is all curled I pop it onto my head position it where I want it to be positioned. Get my comb and then I pull it out.

Once it's all secured on my head I then go in and I just check and see that there's no hair pieces stuck underneath.

I just kind of brushed them all out and especially here just make sure that it's not stuck. And that just makes such a difference, oh my gosh I love it.

Look how thick my hair looks.

This is when I go in with my product, so I'm gonna use a little texturizing spray.

So this one here is from Unite and I just add a little tiny bit of this under here so this just makes it a little tiny bit like, in a way, like gritty.

So then you can actually make it look really beautiful and textured.


So much volume!

Then I will go in with some hairspray.

So I don't like thick hair spray, like that one that is kind of like a lacquer - I don't like that - I want it to be super soft and this one here is another one from Unite.

So I'm just gonna spray a little tiny bit of hairspray, I don't like too much either, and to finish up the look I'm going to add some earrings.

You guys know that I feel like I can't finish off a look without adding some earrings, so these ones here are from Sable and Dixie.


So that there guys is how I style my short halo and the products that I use.

So like I said guys this is the Medium halo hair extension and I just cut it to my length, so it does come extremely long and then you just cut it to your length.

I hope you enjoyed this video and thank you guys so so much for watching. Please like and subscribe to Sitting Pretty's youtube channel because they bring you so many really helpful and amazing videos, so thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you soon.

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