Easy hairstyles are the best hairstyles.

No matter how much we might like pampering and priming ourselves, low maintenance looks always seem to triumph over any style that takes longer than 10 minutes.

But aside from the old ponytail, top knot or messy bun, you might be running low on inspo when it comes to simple styles.

From textured trusses to boho buns and heatless hacks, I have rounded up 8 easy hairstyles that you can do with halo hair extensions.

Twice the effect, half the effort.

1. Textured Curls

Textured curls require minimal effort to achieve and maintain.

And best of all, you can even create this simple style, sans the heat.

Which isn't just a lot easier, but also much healthier for your hair too.

My favourite textured curl hack is to give my damp hair a quick spritz with sea salt spray before braiding it at bedtime.

Just be careful with this one, salt can dry your out.

In the morning, take the braids out and apply some anti-frizz to the ends if needed.

And voila, textured trusses overnight, no heat needed.

Your hair extensions will usually dry with a bit of movement so no need to sleep in them.

But, you could always braid them with a little sea salt spray and leave them overnight to make sure they blend seamlessly with your salty strands.

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2. Perky Ponytail

Ponytails are the easiest of all easy hairstyles.

Once reserved for school corridors and sporting gyms, this simple style has had a serious glow up.

Ponytails can now be spotted bopping around bars and clubs, scoring the wearer serious style cred.

Now, you might be thinking, but it's just a ponytail.

And, you'd be right.

So, How do you take your ponytail from meh and am-meh-zing?

The easiest way, of course, is halo hair extensions.


You can take your tired-tail to perky-pony by simply adding the Halo for a lil extra bulk and length in just minutes.

Wondering, how to wear halo hair extensions in a ponytail?

Check out our tutorial on how to achieve this easy hairstyle below.



3. Pulled Back

Claw clips are the hair accessories of the year, and I am here, or, shall I say, hair, for it.

These helpful hair accessories not only make hairstyling easy but can also be used to create cute and easy hairstyles all on their own.

You know how you pull your hair back to put on your face in the morning or to head to happy hour?

Well, why not use a decorative claw clip and leave it like that?

Skip the whole hairstyling thing altogether?

Ok, maybe it isn't that simple, but there isn't much more to it.

Curl, wave or straighten the rest of your hair and pull the front two strands toward the back of your head to meet.

Using your fancy claw clip, secure them and off ya go.

No fuss, just luxe.

If your locks could use a little extra lush; however, halo hair extensions will add subtle volume to give this simple style a lil extra oomph.

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easy hair styles with halo hair extensions pulled back

The MEDIUM halo in col. 613/10


4. Plaits

Plaits are back.

This is not a drill.

Farmgirl chic has arrived so grab your plaid, cowgirl boots and straw hats.

It's to yee-this-haw...

While plaits are an easy hairstyle, they might not be for everyone.

Thin haired hunnies will know the struggles of wanting big messy braids and plaits, only to end up with something resembling 2-minute noodles and or Pippi Longstockings.

This is where halo hair extensions come in handy.

The Halo will give your locks the boost they need to finally get those full-bodied plaits.

Put the Halo in as normal and plait away my southern bell.

Flannel shirts and blue jeans encouraged.

easy hair styles with halo hair extensions plaits

The Medium Halo in Col. #613/10


5. No Hair Tie? No Problem

Easy hairstyles don't get much easier than no hair tie, hair ties.

Scarfs, ribbons, pencils, sausage dogs, just grab whatever is handy and wrap it around your strands.

Ohk, maybe not your dog.

But a silk scarf?

Now that's the ticket.

This style is flirty, fun, feminine and insanely simple.
Much like the ponytail, the halo can take this style from blah to wow by adding a touch of extra body.

Just put the extensions in as normal and pull your hair into a low ponytail using your favourite scarf, kerchief or ribbon.

See how it's done below.

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6. The Low Down

Low ponytails have gone from 'colonial boy who might not survive the winter' to seriously chic.

But, there is a fine line between looking fine and looking frail - and that line is volume.

Where most go wrong with the low pony is the lack of body.

And while some thin-haired lasses my think this can't be helped, they'd be wrong.

Anyone can rock a chic and full-bodied low body tail without looking like a 12-year-old boy.

The secret?

Halo Hair extensions of course.

This style is much easier to achieve than the mid or high ponytail.

Simply put the halo in, add few curls and pull it back into a low ponytail just like you normally would.

Leave some soft strands out at the front to frame your face.

Or leave two sections out when styling to twist over the base of the ponytail.

Want more ponytail halo hair inspo?

Check out my favourite ponytail hairstyles here.


simple hairstyles low ponytails halo hair extensions

The Thick Halo in Col. #613/10


7. Boho Bun

Boho babes are known for being low maintenance, so it makes sense that they're the queens of easy hairstyles.

But, did you know you can wear halo hair extensions in a bun?





In fact, this simple style and halos are a match made in boho-hair heaven.

And the best part?

The whole look takes less than 5 minutes to create.

Learn how to rock this dreamy-do below.

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8. Top Knot

I love how lazy gals everywhere band together to make the woke-up-like-this top knot a cool girl chic look.

Seriously, kudos to Ariana Grande for popularising this one and the high pony, we owe you boo.

But in classic Ari style, her perky pony and towering top knots wouldn't have their flair without, drumroll, please...


She does boast "You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it" after all.

Well, we do like it, and you can buy it too. Turn your top knot up a notch or 12 by adding halo hair extensions. This easy hairstyle screams effortlessly cool while literally being effortless, unlike the dreaded messy bun.

Top knots with halo hair extensions are simple and take minutes to achieve.

Just pop your halo in like normal and pull the front section of your hair into a high ponytail or bun, deepening how you like to knot your top.


Easy hairstyles halo hair extensions top knot

The Thick Halo Col. #4


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