Get ready for some seriously game-changing lazy hair hacks!

We love any tricks that keep our hair routines low maintenance.

Shannon Van Fleet shows you some of our favourite cheeky hair hacks that are super easy to do at home.

Shannon wears the THICK Sitting Pretty Halo in col. Ash Blonde 18.


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[Full transcript]

Hi everyone, it's Shannon Van Fleet here.

I'm really excited about today's video because I'm going to be showing you some super useful life hacks with Halo extensions.

These are for your days when you're just so lazy - which for me is actually fairly often.

I do these quite a lot as they're realistic hacks and I think you're gonna love them.

HAIR HACK #1: Ombre your halo extensions without colour.

This first hack is going to be about rooting the top of your extensions without any hair colour.

So here's a side-by-side before and after and all I used for this was a tinted dry shampoo.

So all I'm going to do is remove the wire from my extension so I can have them flat, and I'm just gonna kind of place them over my arm like this so they're kind of water-falling away from me, and that's gonna help fade at the root color.

Another thing that will help fade the color is spraying from the top down. Don't spray it head-on like this, because you're gonna get a big straight line, so all you're going to do is simply spritz the roots. Other companies have lighter shades if you don't need it this dark, or a root touch-up spray will work just fine as well.

I love this hack for adding an ombre effect or a rooted effect to your extensions without actually having to colour them.

HAIR HACK #2: The lazy trick to long hair instantly.

This hack is definitely the laziest of the bunch and if you see me with a beanie on this is most likely what's happening underneath.

So all you're going to do is section out your front hairline and take everything else and throw it up in a high pony.

If your hair is really long you'll want to leave it like this on the last rotation so your tail doesn't stick out the bottom. Then you just throw your halo on like normal and throw a beanie over your terrible ponytail bun and that's it!

I'm embarrassed to say how many times I've actually done this.

HAIR HACK #3: The big ponytail hack.

This next hack is the ponytail hack.

You won't need your wire for this, so you can take it out and just use your halo flat and throw all of your hair up into a high ponytail. Then take your halo with a few bobby pins and wrap it around your ponytail.

When you're finished you have a few different options.

You can either take a piece of hair and wrap it around the band, or just take a scrunchie which is even easier and throw it on like normal.

HAIR HACK #4: The half updo hack.

For this halo hack you are going to section out a horseshoe section all around and just tie this up for now so it's out of your way, and throw your halo on like normal.

Then just get a cute hair scarf and put it right over top of where your halo is.

Then you can let the top half of your hair down, and style it however you want to.

That is all the fun I have for you today I hope you enjoyed it and we'll chat later! Bye!

Enjoy! If you try these hair hacks, tag us @sittingprettyhalohair on Instagram and leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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