Having short hair is great for a lot of reasons.

Most girls opt for short hair because it can be less maintenance, and depending on your hair type, doesn't require much styling.

The major perk of a short haircut:

It's an instant hairstyle.

If you've got short hair, chances are you're enjoying being able to spend less time on your hair and have more pillow time in the morning.


The struggle of short hair, is what to do when you feel the need to mix things up.

If you're craving some hairstyling inspiration for your short hair, this is just what you need.

Here are some of our favourite hair cuts and styles trending right now for short hair.

Trend 1: The 'healthy hair makeover' blunt cut

A crowd favourite for girls who have decided to go for a dramatic hair change and chop all their hair off.

There's no better way to make your hair healthy and thick than by chopping off all those split ends in exchange for a sharp bob cut.

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Trend 2: The lopsided bob cut

hairstyles for short hair

For a less structured approach to the bob, there's the soft uneven trim that adds dimension to your hair.

Go as daring or as subtle as you want with the lopsided cut - there are no rules.

Both a side-swept fringe or a straight middle part can look great with this statement hairstyle for short hair.

Trend 3: The neat lob cut

What is a lob haircut?

It stands for 'long bob' and is the result of one of two things:

a) what your hair looks like after your bob cut grows out.

b) the haircut you get when you want to go shorter but aren't ready for a bob cut.

The lob is the safer short hairstyle option and is also great as you've got a little more hair to work with, for those who still want to create updos every now and then.

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Trend 4: Lob haircut with choppy layers

hairstyles for short hair -choppy layers
In need of a volume boost?
For fuller hair, get your hairdresser to cut choppy layers into your bob or lob haircut.
Layers will make your short hair look instantly more voluminous, so this kind of short hairstyle is particularly great for girls with fine, flat hair.

Trend 6: The messy updo for short hair

When it comes to updos for short hair, you're not as limited as you may think.

It's all about working with what you've got.

A cute messy updo bun is actually a super easy hairstyle to create with short hair.

Simply pull all your hair into a bun, and use bobby pins to secure the bun and any stray strands of hair.

Keep some hair around your face for a softer, boho look.

Trend 7: The head scarf

We're particularly team headscarf when it comes to summer or humid climates where any hair type can start misbehaving.

Particularly if you prefer to wear your short hair straight, hair accessories can help you welcome those humid-hair-waves into a new look.

Wear your headscarf with your hair out, in a bun, ponytail, you name it.

Trend 8: Your hair grew overnight

I blame the Kardashians for this.

That is; making me want to change up my hair as often as I change accessories.

Watching Kimmy K go from Rapunzel locks one day to a short bob the next is extra, at first.

Until I find myself thinking how 10 inches of extra hair is exactly what I need to complete my Friday night look.

For those moments, there's the Sitting Pretty Halo.

Watch above how Amelia swaps from short hair to long hair instantly with her SP Halo.