Can you use hair extensions for short hair? You definitely can! And halo extensions are specifically ideal for short hair.

A lot of people think hair extensions and short hair just don't mix. But, these people are wrong.

Whether you're after extra length, more volume, or both, halo hair extensions and short hair is a match made in hair-heaven! As long as you wear them right, of course.

So, how do you wear halo hair extensions in short hair?

Here's your guide.

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1. Go Thick

When it comes to using hair extensions for short hair, you'll want to opt for the Medium or Thick halo. The fine halo will be too...well, fine, to properly blend with your strands.

The Medium and Thick are thicker (obviously) and therefore are ideal for blending with shorter hair. If you're only after a little bit of volume, the fine halo might be fine.

However, you need to wear it at the same length as your natural locks. Whereas our medium and thick halo hair extensions will boost your volume and can be worn a lot longer than your natural hair.

This is a fun, easy and harmless way to take your hair from short to long in seconds. Which, if you've just got a regrettable bob, is great news.

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Hair extensions for short hair blonde halo hair extensions

The Thick Halo, 16 inch in Col. #613/10

2. Pin up

The numero uno thing to do when using hair extensions for short hair is to put the back of your hair up.

I don't mean put all your hair back into a low ponytail. I mean, tie the underlayer of your strands up from about the nape of your neck. Pin the hair up if needed so you can't see it.

This will mean the halo will easily slip into that section of hair and appear more natural.

Check the tutorial below:

3. Curly Whirly

The best way the blend halo hair extensions, in general, is to add waves to them. But did you know that waves also help hair extensions appear more natural in short hair? Especially if the colour match isn't spot on.

Here's the thing:

Waving your hair and the extensions either together or separately means the hair can seamlessly blend, even if your strands are short. This is also particularly handy if you have blunt ends.

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Hair extensions for short hair brown halo hair extensions

The Thick Halo, 16 inch in Col. #2

4. Up and away

Just like waves, wearing your hair up is another great way to use hair extensions for short hair.

Why do you ask?

Because the halo can be styled and used in more ways than you might think. On one hand you can wear the halo traditionally to add length and volume, and on the other hand you can also incorporate it into upstyles.

The easiest is to add length to your ponytail, which if you have short hair, you might be sorely lacking.

You can do this by wearing your halo as per usual and pulling it into a low ponytail or using the halo as a wrap.

To do this:

1. Simply pull your hair into a high pony and remove the nylon wire from your halo.
2. Replace the wire with bobby pins on either side.
3. Secure one pin into the base of the pony and wrap the weft around it.
4. Push the other bobby pin into the opposite side and wrap a small section of hair around the base to hide the weft and clips.

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5. Lighten up

The pro-est of pro-tips for using hair extensions for short hair is, mixing colours. What I mean by this is; opt for a lighter halo than your natural colour.

Mainly, colour-blends with beige blondes and browns are ideal for this. Using a lighter colour creates dimension in your locks. This contrast is a great way to get a faux ombre if you're not committed to the colour change.

Fun fact: Light highlights and dimension also make your thin hair look thicker.


6. Snip, Snip

Most hair extensions are quite long when you buy them. So you can't wear them fresh from the packet. Especially if you have short hair.

Getting the halo cut into your hair by a stylist is a must for using hair extensions for short hair. If you're handy with some sheers, you can DIY this cut.

But I would always suggest opting for a professional cut. Otherwise you might end up looking like you lost a fight Edward Scissorhands.

As well as having your hair extensions cut to match your hair, you can also have your hair cut to fit your hair extensions.

Short hair with blunt ends + hair extensions = no good.

So it would be best if you had your ends thinned out or some soft layers added to your hair. This will create a more seamless blend.

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hair extensions for short hair

The Thick Halo, 20 inch in Col. #4/6

Hope this has been helpful. And if you have any questions or if there's anything else you want to see, please leave a comment below.

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