If you're wondering about halo hair extension reviews and transformations, you have come to the right place.

We could sit here all day and tell you about why we love halo's, but we might come off a little biased.

So to show you how great these hair helpers actually are, we have rallied the squad.

Our Sitting Pretties are gonna do the talking for us with some of our favourite Halo Hair Extension reviews.

And, you know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words (or likes on Instagram) so get a gander at our favourite halo hair transformations while you're at it.

But before we get into that, let's chat about what halo hair extensions actually are and why they're so good.

What Are Halo Hair Extensions?

Halo hair extensions are the easiest way to get longer, thicker locks in seconds.

They get their name from the shape of the weft which is joined together on either side by a nylon wire.

They sit on top of your head like a halo and add volume and length to your locks.

halo hair extensions

They are known for being easy to use and their natural appearance.

Sounds pretty good, amiright?

But wait, there's more.

Halo hair extensions require no clips, clamps, glues, tapes, or harmful adhesives.

This means halos are the only type of hair extensions which don't damage your natural locks.

Not only do they not damage your hair; in fact, they are the best extensions for already damaged or thin hair.

Their clip-in or permanent counterparts which can cause thin hair to get thinner, even fall out altogether.

Which, I'm assuming, isn't what you want.

So, now that you've been schooled in what halo hair extensions actually are let's see what the reviews have to say.

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Halo hair extensions reviews blonde halo hair extensions

The Medium Halo in Col. #613/10

What Our Customers Have To Say...

Halo hair extensions and brides have a blissful history.

Especially when you get a bad haircut before the big day just like halo bride Phoebe,

"I regretted my Covid haircut, but the Sitting Pretty Halo extensions matched perfectly. It stayed in place all day, I even forgot I was wearing it. They are the best, I highly recommend."

- Phoebe

halo hair extensions reviews

The Medium Halo in Col. #20C

They can also be used every day as a hot hair accessories to transform your look.

"Sitting Pretty is an absolute gem!! Thank you so much for my halo!! The perfect extension and accessory. Love it!!"

- Kacey Lea C

Kacey + Halo are a match made in hair heaven!

halo hair extensions reviews

The Medium Halo in Col. #10/6

Customers love the natural look of our halo hair extensions to give them a subtle volume boost.

And, in a healthier way too!

"Halo Hair is an easier (and healthier) alternative to extensions and gives me the volume my natural could never."

- Amelia

Talk about from bob to bombshell!

halo hair extensions reviews halo hair before and afters

The Medium Halo in Col. #2

Bad hair is a straight up bad time.

But thanks to halo hair extensions, Lacey said goodbye to bad hair stress!

"I can not tell you enough the stress you have taken off me, I really do thank you with all my heart."

- Lacey

We love you with all our heart too, lady!

halo hair extension reviews

The Medium Halo in Col. #10/6

Our halos are also loved baby mamas who have lost some of their natural locks due to pesky pregnancy hormones.

"Look at how thick, full and long my hair is thanks to Sitting Pretty Halo Hair Extensions. I’ve been obsessed ever since I discovered it- it’s a hair extension but it’s SO easy to put in and it blends beautifully. I adore the thickness and body it gives my hair."


Look at that soon-to-be-baby mama (and halo) glow.

halo hair extension reviews

The Thick Halo in Col. #2/4

You shouldn't keep secrets from your lovers ladies, but you can omit the truth from time to time...

Our Halos are subtle even your boyfs and gilfs wont know you're wearing one.

"I was so excited to hear I can wear my halo up, it gives my pony so much body my boyfriend didn’t know it wasn’t mine."

- Hayley

halo hair extension reviews

The Thick Halo in Col. #4

Now that you've heard what our girls have to say, take a look at the magic of halo hair extensions for yourself.

Our Favourite Halo Hair Transformations

Who doesn't love a good hair transformation?

These Halo Hair switch ups are honestly everything.


1. You Before me, 1,2,3

Most halo hair extensions reviews talk about how easy they are to use, and that is 100% true.

Did you know halo hair extensions can be put in 3 simple steps?

Seriously, the transformation is so easy!

Learn how to apply halo hair extensions in 3 steps here!


2. Blend it baby

The tip to getting halo hair extensions to blend?

Well, there are few ways to hide your halo in your natural locks.

One of the simplest ways is to ask your stylist to trim your ends, so they're wispy instead of blunt.

Another halo blending hack is just to curl your hair and the halo together!

This lets your strands seamlessly fold together for a beautifully blended style.

Learn more here.


3. Ride it My Pony

Who doesn't love a ponytail?

They're low maintenance, easy and cute!

Want to give your ponytail a halo hair transformation?

Here is how to wear halo hair extensions in a ponytail!


4. Lob to long

Who says you can't wear halo hair extensions in short hair?

In fact, lobs and bobs to long locks are some of our favourite halo hair extension transformations!

Got shorter strands?

No worries!

Learn how to wear halo hair extensions in short hair here.

halo hair extensions reviews

The Medium Halo in Col. #10/6

5. Turn up the volume

No halo hair extension transformation countdown would be complete without one big volume turn up.

Whether your hair is thin or already thick, you can always use more bulk!

So, if you're after volume, which halo should you chose for your hair?

For a subtle volume, boost opt for the fine halo.

With 60 grams of hair, the fine halo is meant to be worn the same length as your natural locks and provide a subtle body boost.

For natural volume and length, try the medium.

The medium halo has 100 grams of hair and can be worn the same length or a few inches longer than your hair.

It is perfect for adding volume to buns and ponytails too.

For a dramatic halo hair transformation get the thick halo.

This has 140 grams of hair and can be worn much longer than your natural locks.

halo hair extensions reviews halo hair before and after

The Thick Halo. In Col. #2

6. And I will try to fix you,

As we mentioned earlier, halo hair extensions won't just not damage your hair; they're also great for thin or already damaged hair.

You can use your halo to hide the gaps and snaps in your strands while you grow back your natural locks.

Because why should you have to wait for the healthy hair of your dreams?

halo hair extension reviews halo hair before and afters

The Medium Halo Col. #2/4

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