New year, new me starts (and ends usually) with new hair.

Transform your tresses with these new hair trends.

From lush lobs to 70s shags, trendy accessories and beautiful blonde shades, I have rounded up 8 new hair trends for you to try instead of a new years resolution.

A haircut is much easier than going to the gym or giving up the happy hour martinis after all.

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The Medium Halo in Col. #10/6

1. The Cool Girl Lob

This new hair trend might not exactly be new, but it is a big as ever.

The lob has been the low maintenance look of choice for Grammars and it-girls for years now.

This is because it is easy to maintain and style.

It is also universally flattering and versatile.

This cut can be worn feminine and flirty with soft curls or edgy and beachy with choppy layers and textured waves.

Other reasons the lob is the look of choice for lots of ladies is because it is a great style to make thin hair look thicker.

It's lightweight nature, blunt ends and/or choppy layers allow your natural hair to sit more voluminous, creating the illusion of thicker strands.

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The Medium Halo in Col. #613

2. Shaggy Strands

This new hair trend is back straight outta the 70s.

So it's time to channel your inner flower child with flowy, textured trusses perfect for protesting the man or frolicking through fields.

Which, I am predicting a lot of both in the new year, so if the shoe fits.

Shaggy 70's strands feature long or medium locks with choppy layers and texture.

This is a laid back style that is as easy to create as it is to wear.

To get this look, ask your stylist to add a few layers to your locks and make the ends of your hair wispy.

Make sure you blow-dry to style and always use a lightweight volume-enhancing or texturising spray.

As always when styling, never forget your heat protection spray, but haircare is super essential with this style.

This is because frizz and split ends can be accentuated by the unkempt nature of this hair trend.

So keeping your strands sleek, smooth and healthy is a must.

The shag can be worn straight or curly, but my personal fav is a lob with shaggy waves.

new hair trends 70s shag halo hair extensions

The Medium Halo in Col. #613/10

3. Claw Clips

Get your claws on some of these before the clock strikes midnight.

They will be flying off the shelves in the new year.

Claw clips were once only used to keep our hair back when getting ready, but they we seem to have cut out the middle man here.

Like, why take them out to hit the bar when they look cute AF in?

Now while your standard black plastic piece might not cut it, decorative claw clips are popping up all over the shop, or more literally, shops.

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Image Credit: HowToWearFashion

From twists to buns, these little beauties can be used for a heap of hairstyles.

My personal fav?

Simple front strands pulled back and clipped up at the back.

I love a pearly or tortoiseshell claw clip for an extra touch of ooh-la-la.

new hair trends claw clips halo hair extensions

Left: the MEDIUM halo in col. 613/10
Right: the MEDIUM halo in col. 10/6

4. Natural Texture

Firstly I want to say; natural hair texture is not a trend.

But it's high time we start seeing more of it.

Society has stood in the way of natural hair long enough, and we want to see it back in a big way in 2020.

The biggest new hair trend should be celebrating the diverse natural hair textures for all their beauty.

So let's all try and make this happen, please and thank you.

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Image Credit: @nonnymulholland

5. Headbands

Be still my 90s and early 2000s heart because headbands are one of the biggest new hair trends for the new year.

We are expecting squads donning embellishing, material, plastic and linen headbands flocking everywhere from summer to spring and all the seasons in between.

And I, for one, love to see it.

Headbands are fun and feminine yet preppy and unique all the same time.

Plus, you can use it the cover-up your hair in between washes.

My favourite headband trend is big voluminous waves with a bright embellished band for summer, or thick heavy material in a muted hue with a low bun for winter.

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Image credit: @_emmaco_

6. Chucky Highlights

Say goodbye, the blended balayage and ombre.

The new year is all about the early 2000s streaks.

Chunky highlights are the newest hair craze and trust me; it's a lot cooler than it sounds.

You've probably seen the most popular variation of this new hair trend on Instagram in the form of two coloured front strands.

But, from all over full head highlights to coloured under sections, chunky highlights can be worn in lots of different ways.

You can also choose from deep blondes or bright, bold hues to compliment your all-over colour.

As long as there is a strong contrast and plenty of dimension, you're doing it right.

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The Thick Halo in Col. #613

7. Good Girl Pins

Bring back your inner baby spice because the new year is all about cutesy hair clips.

Even butterfly clips are flying back into our lives, which I am here for.

In fact, butterfly clips and the "good girl" hair trend are one and the same.

It doesn't really matter what style of the clip you use for this look. It's all about the placement of the pins.

To achieve this new hair trend style your hair using large, loose waves.

Use a generous amount of anti-frizz to keep them sleek and smooth.

Take your clips of choice and place them either side of your forehead.

I like to use 2 or 3 decorative bobby pins or one large pearly piece, or a few butterfly clips of course on each side of my head.

Pair this with your favourite floral dress, Doc Martens or jelly sandals and frilly socks.

new hair trends halo hair extensions

The Medium Halo in Col. #613/10

8. Blended Blondes

Disregard what I said earlier about chunky colours, that only applies to the highlights.

Blonde hair colours should always be blended and brass free.

But this new hair trend is seeing blonde hair colours being mixed to create these ashy-golden hybrids.

Think ice blonde with subtle gold highlights or dark blondes with icy baby lights throughout.

This year it's all about natural-looking locks with dimension and scattered shades.

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new hair trends halo hair extensionsThe Medium Halo in Col. #613

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