How does it stay on, will it fall off?

The Sitting Pretty Halo has been designed to sit on the perfect angle, the back of the Halo is tucked under the occipital bone, chichis the bone at the back of the head. This makes it super secure and easy go about daily activities and even dancing. Also the hair that is pulled over helps with holding it in place even more.


What is the string made of, is it stretchy?

The Sitting Pretty Halo wires are made of a strong durable clear nylon, like a fishing wire. So it’s not stretchy at all making it super secure and easy to wear.


Will I feel it, is it heavy or uncomfortable?

Because the weight of the SP Halo is distributed evenly around the head it feels light and comfortable. Also there are no heavy clips or anything pulling on your own hair so it’s almost unnoticeable.

The angle that the halo sits on the head makes it feel super comfortable.


Is it human hair, can I use hot tools on it and treat it like normal hair?

Yes it’s 100% Remy Human Hair which means you can apply hot tools, brush them and wash it with shampoo.



Girls just wanna have hair


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