sitting pretty halo hair full head and half head

The Sitting Pretty Halo is sold in 2 different weight variations 60 grams and 100 grams. Both come 20 inches long so the length can be customised to each individual. This is because people have hair that’s different in thickness and length.

So depending on what look you want to achieve with you hair we have created 2 options to accomodate everyone.


If You Just Want VOLUME?

 We recommend the Sitting Pretty Half Head Halo (60g)

 Sometimes it’s just about wanting volume and more hair around the sides of your face where hair doesn't seem to grow, so the Sitting Pretty Half Head will fill up those gaps to make it look healthier and make you feel more confident.

The Half Head will usually get cut to the same length as your own hair, or slightly longer. if it’s kept too long it wont look right because it’s thinner. If you want long hair see the Full Head Halo below.


Do You Want LENGTH as well as VOLUME?

We recommend the Sitting Pretty Full Head Halo (100g) 

If it’s longer hair that you want then the Full Head Halo is the one.

The reason you need more hair on your halo to achieve natural looking length, is because the ratio of your own hair needs to be balanced out with the hair at the bottom so it looks nice and natural.

This is also to allow it to be cut and styled to blend in with your own hair which your hair dresser can do for you. 

Our Sitting Pretty Halo’s have been carefully designed and crafted to give the perfect amount of hair for natural and flawless looking locks.

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