This blog post is about sharing the concept of shifting the way you think, travelling the world and living in the now, without waiting until you have all the money that you need to do so. You can live life NOW, and this is how...

" There are people who have money and people who are rich "Coco Chanel

You don’t need a chalet in France or a private heli-pad to live life luxuriously, although, that would be nice! There are plenty of ways we can enjoy all the fruits of life without spending a fortune, sound good? Read on…

We live in a culture obsessed with obtaining material wealth and striving for bigger and better things, and we continue to throw our money toward abstract notions of lifestyle.

Travel becomes a dutiful holiday package costing thousands of dollars, and time becomes something that we never have enough of.

But, guess what? The key to a meaningful, rich and rewarding life is not obtained through the material and fashionable.

Having the perfect life is about an attitude, an outlook, and a complete reconfiguration of your mindset. Sound hard? It really isn’t.

Time as a Commodity and Living in the Now.

Despite our wealth of time, freedom still seems more rare and difficult to attain and more remote with each new generation”

Our society is considered severely time-poor and at times, obsessed with wealth and social-standing. This has resulted in us living in a stream of thoughts, about the past or future and we forget to spare time to experience the general splendour of living in the moment ‘now’ which is all we ever have.

Our modern society moves at such a frantic pace, and this has meant that our definition of lifestyle has become warped.

People continue to root themselves to their homes or careers, and fail to enjoy the unlimited amount of choices that are available to them. There are so many!

And as we go along our paths, trying to find money, or the perfect house, or the perfect partner, we realise the time is never right. Some end up settling into their lives, waiting for the perfect moment to experience the world, without ever truly living life.

The external conditions will never be just right. So don’t wait around, Go for it.

Fortune favours the bold.

“ What if I fall?
Oh but darling, what if you fly?”

Embracing Change

I’ll let you in on an interesting insight. Most people feel a duty to fear. What this means is that our social constraints have made it difficult for us to achieve change because we’re scared. Scared of the unknown. What if things go wrong? But what if things go right?

All that’s really required is a shift in thinking, a realignment of your mind. Just decide, make a decision to see your life and lifestyle in a new way. Now, lets look at a few things that will change your way of thinking…


Ever heard of practicing gratitude? Well it’s basically the notion of focusing your energy on what you already have rather than what you don't have. Most people will tend to focus on their problems and what they don't have, which makes them feel bad about their life.

This exercise can give you a totally new outlook on life; a new way to walk through the world in a more deliberate way to enrich your own personal experience as well as others around you.

To achieve this, we must adjust our values and redefine our relations with people and places.

This requires the ongoing practices of listing things you’re grateful for in your life and why you are grateful for those particular things. The ‘why’ is important in this exercise.

Gratitude is a simple yet effective way to start making your life more positive. You will start feeling results instantly.

Once your attitude is adjusted, it will constantly pull you into wonderful new places and experiences. So reassess, loosen the tie and go on an adventure!

Giving Back

There is nothing more satisfying or rewarding than giving. Weather it’s advice to a friend or to a cause you believe in. When you give your time and energy to help some one else, you are subconsciously allowing yourself to receive. Reward and luxury will flow into your own life. However these acts must me genuine, don't just give expecting to receive something in return.

At the end of the day luxury is yours to define. It may have nothing to do with shoes, handbags, or the latest iPhone, even though they are hard to live without!

But you define luxury, you must begin to allow more quality and meaning into your life that emerges from a place of appreciation, one that is open to possibility and change.

Sound a bit hard? It’s not I promise!

You’ll feel refreshed daily, and you can hone your focus and energy on your own amazing self-knowledge! You will be rewarded with a rich set of experiences, as well as independence, self-sufficiency, self-awareness, happiness, and a successful life.

So start embracing a different way of living, and go on your own personal adventure!