5 Beauty Brands That Give Us The Warm and Fuzzies

Trusting beauty brands is as important as trusting men, in my opinion.

We don’t have time for the players. The ones who tell you everything you want to hear, then a few months down the track you realise you’re better off without them.

We deserve the ones that are honest, treat us right and make us feel good...

Us girls gotta have each other’s backs, so I’m doing my bit and sharing my crushes with you. My beauty brand crushes, that is.

1. Glossier


There’s more to Glossier than their sexy, minimalist packaging... Though we love a good photo-worthy beauty product.

Glossier’s beauty range is inspired by us. What’s on our top shelf? What products are we obsessing over on the internet and why? These conversations are the foundation of Glossier.

When it comes to beauty, they start with the basics. Their skincare serves up perfectly primed, dewy skin to create a glowy canvas. Followed by the makeup range, which encourages us to enhance our natural beauty rather than mask it. Super empowering stuff.

 Product we’re loving: Do we have to choose?! We can’t go past the Sheer Matte Lipsticks for a natural colour stained lip. But honestly, we’re obsessed with everything Glossier at Sitting Pretty HQ.

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2. Lush Cosmetics

Beauty Brands to follow


If Lush was a guy, he’d be super caring, probably a philanthropist and serious husband material. He makes us all warm and fuzzy.

We love Lush because they go beyond your general skincare products.They solve the girl problems we have to face; right down to a booty scrub for those awkward spots and dots, and even an elbow grease to stop your elbows from looking a little haggard with fake tan. Yep. Elbow grease actually exists.

Product we’re loving:  We can’t go past their Sleepy moisturiser. It’s made with Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, infused with calming lavender, and is guaranteed to make you sleep like a baby. Try this moisturiser if you have trouble sleeping and need to improve your beauty slumber.

3. Frank Body


We have endless love for Frank Body. They use all natural and naturally derived ingredients and making all their products with coffee. Turns out my skin loves coffee even more than I do.

Frank’s the kind of guy you can bring home to the parents - he makes a great first impression.

If you’ve used Frank Body before, you’d know it makes your skin feel noticeably softer and silkier after the first use.

What’s not to love about Frank? He’s an animal lover (aka cruelty free) and is all about empowering women. Not to mention, he likes to get a little dirty in the shower…

Product we’re loving: The Limited Edition Shimmer Scrub. I’ll take any beauty product that gives me majestic unicorn vibes. Please and thank you.

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4. Kester Black

Kester- Black- Polish

Finally. An ethically made nail polish. Kester Black has a simple promise; to treat the planet as well as it treats your nails.

If you’re like me, you can’t leave the house without a perfect manicure. Walking around with chipped nail paint is low-key a little soul crushing. You just feel more girl-boss’ier when your nails are on point - am I right?

So it’s nice to know that I can keep my mani-pedi in check with the cruelty free, palm oil free and vegan nail polish that is Kester Black.

Product we’re loving: The shade Petal is a perfect nude that will be a staple in your nail polish collection.

5. Go-To Skincare


In my books, Zoe Foster Blake, beauty editor and founder of Go-To, can do no wrong.

Her brand and her Instagram makes us giggle, her products make our skin smile.

Years of skincare product trialing and reviewing - from supermarket shelf brands to the high end stuff - led to the creation of Go-To. Their no-bullshit, plant-derived ingredients are selected because they actually do something. They nourish, protect and strengthen the skin. Of course, they are animal friendly, and also sensitive skin friendly. Irritated skin is no match for Go-To.

Think of Go-To Skincare as the witty boy next door. You know, the cheeky guy with the cute smile who you can trust 110%.

Product we’re loving: The Transformazing Sheet Mask. Put one of these bad boys on before you head out for the night. Trust me, it’ll give you plumpy glowy skin faster than you can say ‘transformazing,’ and your makeup will sit so much more lusciously on your face all night long.

So there you have it, the best beauty brands that empower women to feel great and do their ethical bit for the world. You’ll be crushing on these brands more than your Tinder matches.

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Written by Taryn

Taryn is an expert on all things hair. She's co-founder and Creative Director at Sitting Pretty.

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