Transcript: Why did I not get this earlier this has like changed my hair game I feel like I already had strong hair game hey guys welcome back to the old channel hope you're having a wonderful day so far so as you can see by the title of this video I am doing a hair extensions review / first impressions now if you've been following me from the start of my channel like way away back in 2013 I used to wear hair extensions all at the time I went through a phase when I was about 18 years old when I kind of just want a bit crazy with the blonde hair dye and ended up giving myself a chemical haircut it was all just ripping off from the ends and my hair which had always been naturally really really long so I got into hair extensions quite early and I used to love them so so much I would wear them all the time whenever I went out they just gave me so much confidence and for someone with fine hair like me it can be really really frustrating sometimes try and get like a volume as hair look that you see on the runway and that you see on all the photo shoots and all the models and you just can't achieve it yourself just to give you guys a bit of an example I'm going to brush my hair and show you just how fine it actually is there's really not much to it it's just like straight down my head to be honest my hair being really thin has been an insecurity for me for a lot of my life I really love like big volumous hair I think in a way my hands a bit of like a security blanket for me so I constantly like pushing it up and trying to get more volume and although I have been going quite well up until now I am so so excited to try these hair extensions I've been wanting to get onto the hair Accession training again for such a long time these ones have really piqued my interest so these ones are they're sitting pretty hair extensions they look like this [Music] this is the shade 613 so it's got a little bit of blonde and a little bit of light brown in it as you can see a lot of my hair is actually my natural color so I wanted a little bit darker as well so that it would blend in well with my natural roots so the hair extensions I used to have with clippings which I absolutely loved but sometimes they can be a little bit chunky which is I think one of the reasons why I didn't keep on wearing them as when my hair got a little bit longer and I kind of just started to go without.

I am NOT a fan of being able to see your hair extensions through the back of your hair and what do you have fine hair like me it's really hard to hide your hair extensions underneath it so I was finding that really difficult with the clippings cause the clips are actually a little bit chunky I've also over the last couple years contemplated going into a hair fell on and actually getting some some hair extensions put in permanently the ones with the beads or the weaves and all of that jazz but I am a little bit scared of that because my hair as I've said is quite fine already I can't really handle blond hair dye as it is so those hair extensions can actually put a lot of stress onto your hair and actually create a quite a bit of breakage and hair fall out so that just makes me quite uncomfortable because I know my hair isn't very sturdy as it is so that's put me off it for a while but when sitting pretty reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to try out their hair extensions I was so shocked okay this is the most random situation I've ever seen and a hair extension but it works so incredibly well basically it's a halo so there's no clips there's no weaves there's no glue it just has this little wire here that goes over your head and it just sits it just sits I don't really know how to explain it to you other than that it just sit I will show you guys in a minute oh and I'm so impressed with this because I thought this halo type would actually be very visible because this is quite thick it does actually come with more stretchy wire sizes so you can change the size of the wire and the way I've done it when I was trying it on before I put it quite low just below that bone and that's the back of your head and it was so invisible like I couldn't see it the hair extension at all I had so much thickness of hell over the top it's at so low down and it's tapped like sturdily low down which is something I think you can't achieve with clip-ins because you need to clip them in quite high otherwise they feel like they're going to fall out and they feel chunky I am super super impressed with these and I really wanted to get them on my head and wear them out and I wanted to do it for a video for you guys so I'm actually going to an event for Fenty tonight so I thought that I would give you guys a little bit of a tutorial of how I style my hair with hair extensions I cannot tell you how excited I am for this I feel like I'm gonna have like Victoria's Secret waves as you can see I have already curled these hair extensions I'm about to show you now what I did for that I curled it this morning this one that probably last for quite a few wears now that I have curled it you don't need to wash hair extensions as often as your natural hair obviously because it doesn't have like the natural oils coming down it so they stay cleaner for longer but yeah using the magic of editing I'm now going to show you how I curled those hair extensions earlier so people use different methods when it comes to curling hair extensions some people like to hang them up in the clothesline but me personally I like to use a draw so if you get a sturdy draw and you pop the hair extensions into the drawer and then close it and then pull them out so that the thicker side that grows at the top of the hair extension is like stuck behind the draw then you're gonna have a sturdy amount of pull you just want to make sure that the draw is the one that's gonna flimsily come back out again you need it to be one that's like closed quite sturdily one important thing to remember as well when using hair extensions is that it is natural hair so it came from a real human head which means that you need to keep it healthy and treat it as you would your own hair so I make sure I use a heat protectant spray every single time that I straighten or put heat into my hair extensions but then I take my color this one is a just a simple sort of Beryl color it's from the brand curious grace is my favorite color of all time and I just curl it like I would my normal hair so when I'm curling my hair I always curl away from the face so I make sure that the left-hand side of the hair is curled away and the right-hand side of the hair is curled away as well so it's going to be curled in different directions it can be hard to get your mind around and sometimes they mess up I'd have to do it again but yeah I would definitely recommend and curling your hair exactly the same as you would your natural hair because and it's gonna blend in just like it is your natural hair anyway then after that because I want to keep the length I just brush it through and voila then you have some perfectly curled hair extensions which I would highly recommend you spritz with some hairspray and just sort of let to sit you want them to sort of like lock in that curl so it's going to look perfect on your hair so just leave them there and then come back to the hair on your actual head so also just letting you know eight these extensions are 100% remy hair they come twenty inches long but I would 100% recommend you to go into a hair salon booked an appointment where you get your hair cut and just bring your hair extensions along and ask the hairstylist to cut them for you so they match your hair better I've actually already had these ones cut and styled for me so they match my hair perfectly I really recommend that because there is nothing worse than hair extensions that are obviously hair extensions your goal the hair extensions is to make it look like it's your natural hair so I'm just brushing my hair through the whole point of these hair extensions is you need to split your hair sort of half way through and then place the halo over the top and then bring the hair back down over the top so what I'm going to do is I'm going to curl the hair that is underneath first and then I'm going to place in the halo and then curl the hair on top and just like blend it all in like that so I'm just splitting my hair down where I think the wire is gonna go I'm using the little bone at the base of my head as a guide if you haven't got these little clips in your life you're missing out they're so good I don't know how to say this name I think it's the way WOWY it's Jen Atkins brand to the hairdresser of the Kardashians and it is a memory miss which is also a heat protectant and I'm just gonna spray this over the lengths of my hair okay so I'm just gonna take bits and pieces and just comb my hair as they would normally it just away from my face and because this layer is on the bottom it's going to be quite weighed down by the hair extensions I do want to make sure that they are quite tight curls because otherwise they will drop and flatten really quickly okay so now that start I'm just gonna take some hairspray spritz bat this one is the Redken forceful at 23 super-strength hairspray and I'm just gonna leave that so I've actually just changed my wire to an extra small wire because this is gonna sit like this a halo on my head about there I do want to curl these bits first before pulling them through oh my gosh I'm already so excited look at this it just sits so perfectly you would think that it would like maybe fall off but it just feels so sturdy okay I'm just gonna curl these bits as well cuz I just make it a little bit easier so now that's done I'm just going to spritz it again with some hairspray and we're gonna give this a go placing it once again over here making sure it's even so as you can see it's not like a hundred percent perfectly um bit in there so what I need to do now is take the little bits of hair I just need to pull up the little bits of hair through that I want to go over the top and while it is a little bit fiddly it's actually very easy to do you can already say that that is blending so well so now I just need to curl the rest of my hair at the back here so I'm just going to take my clips and pin this away and I'm going to kill the rest okay so that's everything curled I'm just gonna take all these random clips out I'm so much handouts crazy Wow this feels so cool I'm just pulling a few more pieces through at the back now comes the fun part of styling there I love how this is like literally oh my god I'm a mermaid look at that hair ah sorry now I'm just gonna take my brush and brush really gently through the curls trying to sort of blend my natural hair in with the hair extension hair Wow oh my god I haven't had this much hair like ever in my life oh my god this is amazing ah ah and actually the hair that's sort of misplaced goes into place and gets pulled into place by the brush as I'm brushing this through so any bits like the kind of in the wrong spot would be oh my god this is so cool look at my hair ah I'm so happy with this I am so happy with this oh my goodness I'm actually now just gonna take my DHD and I'm going to straighten the ends a little bit just to make them blend out nicer my god I'm sorry happy with this just sort of make it look a bit neater oh wow Wow then also it doesn't hurt to sort of like gorge up in a few spots using a fine-tooth comb just to keep the hair thick at the roots away from the hair extension weft this isn't peaking through anywhere this is insane even at the back I can feel that it's like completely covered like I knew this was gonna look pretty but I wasn't expecting it to look this pretty oh I'm so happy okay finally I'm just gonna take hairspray Gorge it all over especially at the back I want the hair to stay at the back so that it doesn't show anyway I think that is actually the end of the video I really hope you guys enjoy this this is like the first time I put these in properly so this is 100% of first impressions and oh my gosh I'm so happy with them this is ridiculous I really hope you guys enjoy it I hope you learn a little bit about her extensions and if you would like to check out sitting pretty hair extensions yourself there'll be a link down below where you can find them and I also have a discount card which I will pop in right here which you can get a percentage off your purchase oh I'm so happy with these I don't even know how to end this video because I'm just like in all with my hair right now why did I not get this earlier this has like changed my hair game I feel like I already had strong hair game anyway I really hope you guys have a lovely rest of your day all details will be down below in the description box please don't forget to leave a like if you enjoyed the video and found it helpful and also leave a comment down below letting me know what your thoughts were on these extensions have a lovely rest of your day and I will see you guys next time we have a nother video goodbye