Hair loves a saltwater holiday: it means volume, texture, and a new-found natural beach wave. While we can’t escape work everyday for a quick ocean swim, sea salt spray brings everything hair misses from a getaway–especially fine hair.

Especially for fine hair—AKA hair that requires piling on styling products to get fullness–sea salt spray provides perfect grittiness to hold style, while lifting from root to end. If any of those amazing traits are up your alley, you’ll want to know more about this wind-swept and interesting spray.

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How Does Sea Salt Spray Work?

Fun fact: sea salt spray works similarly to dry shampoo! When you add dry particles to your hair, whether by choice like the starches found in dry shampoo or not by choice like environmental dirt and dust, they’ll create volume and texture to your hair. This is because salt, mud, sugars, and starches are all able to absorb water and act gritty; salt being a super absorber.

When you use sea salt spray, or dip into the ocean, the salted water is able to absorb the natural oils in hair giving you a bit of touchable dryness. This is how beach waves get their allure: touchable texture, volume at the root, and a bit of a natural curl all because hair has less sebum holding it down.

That said, if you have dry, coarse, or high porosity hair opt for a conditioning sea salt spray that won’t be too drying on strands. Many brands have hybrid sea salt sprays that hit various hair needs at once. You can jump to them below!

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Why is Sea Salt Spray So Good for Fine Hair?

Sea salt spray is one of our most suggested hair care products for fine hair types (right after heat protectant, of course). Because this styling spray uses salt, as opposed to whatever concoction your hairspray might have, it provides a natural grit to hair that allows it to hold without adding heavier ingredients.

It’s difficult to find a lasting hold for fine hair because our hair is already quite limp. And when we pile on products that promise volume, hair can just get weighed down from the excess of product.

One other great thing about sea salt spray is that it’s also antiseptic so it’s okay to use closer to your scalp! Just make sure if you buy a formulated spray that you check the ingredients to see if there’s anything your scalp may not like.

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Best Sea Salt Sprays

Sea salt spray for hair may sound straightforward (and overall amazing!) but some formulas can be too dry for coarse hair types, or some may have conditioning ingredients that weigh hair down. For a few different needs, we’ve rounded up the best sea salt sprays to try with a few differences between them.

Bumble and bumble Surf Spray

bumble and bumble sea salt spray

Likely the most iconic sea salt spray out there is from Bumble & Bumble’s Surf Line. This styling spray (plus their wash duo, mousse, and other products) use seaweed extracts, epsom salts, and saltwater to give the most realistic beach day look. And not just for looks, these extracts are great at softening hair, increasing elasticity, and decreasing static-y frizz.

When using this spray, a little goes a long way because it’s enriched with those great sea ingredients. Focus mainly on ends when applying to dry hair as too much can make hair crunchy. But, wet hair can handle a few more spritzes because it dissolves a bit.

Sachajuan Ocean Mist

sachajuan ocean mist sea salt spray for hair

This salted spray is great for almost all hair types because it balances a bit of styling grip with flowy movement. Apply on wet or dry hair, it’s a relatively lightweight option compared to most sea salt sprays out there. The end look of this mist is matte-finish, non-sticky, and ocean-scented.

Briogeo Superfoods Banana + Coconut Hydrating Soft Wave Texture Spray

briogeo texturizing spray for hair

For those who want to get into using sea salt spray for hair, but it’s either always too drying or your hair just doesn’t love this method of texturising: Briogeo has a perfect option. Although it doesn’t include any sea salt in its formula, this hydrating texture spray is queen amongst those who want a soft wave that holds like a beach day. It’s enriched with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that keep hair conditioned while providing hold to waves.

ELEVEN Australia Sea Salt Texture Spray

australia eleven sea salt spray for hair

Most loved for giving you beach waves without the sandy crunch. ELEVEN Australia’s sea salt spray contains a balanced mix of protein and sea salt to give bouncy texture as opposed to a hairspray-like hold. You can apply this one from root to end for excellent tousling.

Balmain Sea Salt Spray

balmain sea salt spray for hair

Not only does this sea salt spray hold a wave, but it’ll make sure they don’t frizz. Along with silk protein and argan oil, this spray is humidity-resistant and ensures there’s a balance of moisture and salty texture. You also won’t need to reapply throughout the day as a little goes a long way with this spray. For best results, spray onto wet hair, with emphasis on the ends—the argan oil can be heavy on roots for fine hair.

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