Are you a mum looking for hair extensions? Don't worry, you're not alone.

Motherhood does all sorts of interesting things to your hair. And after it's done...a lot of mums look for hair extensions to fill the gaps in their previously thick hair.

We’ve worked with all sorts of amazing mums. And along the way we've noticed there’s a few common mum-life dilemmas. And typical hair extensions just don't seem to solve them.

At least not the way that Halo Hair Extensions do. Sure, we're a little biased. But after reading this, you might be too ;)

If you're a mumma, or know a mumma, or maybe you're just interested in these on:

1. Cut your morning routine in half.

Hair care is no easy feat. For us women who haven’t been blessed with incredibly thick locks, it takes a village to nurture weak and thin hair into thick, strong hair. An expensive village.

Personally I just don't have time for treatments, weekly hair masks and all the other things... And I'm not even a mum!

Here's the thing; Our extensions don’t demand much, just a head that’s halo ready.

With our halo hair extensions, mum will have thick, luscious hair in under a minute.

2. Get your thick, healthy looking hair back

Hair loss is a fact of life.

A sad fact.

And it can occur at different stages of a woman’s life. Some mums will find their hair gets thinner with age.

It’s also quite common for mums-to-be to lose hair during and after pregnancy.

It's usually to do with hormones.

Or stress.

We want our mums to feel glowing throughout their pregnancy, not sweating the small stuff and freaking out over all the changes to their hair, body and skin.

Changes are gonna happen - you're making a baby!

But we can minimise them. Drastically.

3. No more hair breakage from damaging hair extensions

Best hair extensions for mums


Most hair extensions cause damage to your hair.

Clips and weaves tear your hair out over time. Beads crimp your hair and breaks it. Glues and tapes use damaging adhesives...

The list goes on.


Our halo hair extensions are different.

They’re special. Why? Because unlike most hair extensions, our halo won’t damage your hair.

Not one bit. Nada.

We figured hair extensions are made to solve thin-hair problems. Not create them.

So we created our halo without any clips, glues, beads or weaves.

Nothing that puts weight on the hair, causes breakage, or weakens the hair follicles.

Just our halo, sitting pretty in your hair :)

The halo is:


It looks natural.

And it doesn't damage your hair.

What more could you want?

Head on over and check out our range of colours.