Thinking of getting a chop or in need of a hair transformation?

Cutting your hair to a medium length is a great way to revive your hair.

A medium length haircut will give you more volume, instantly making your hair look healthier.

OR if you're already rocking medium length hair and are ready to try something new, there are plenty of styles you can do with medium length hair.

Get inspired below with these hairstyle ideas for medium length hair.

kristina mendonca wears the FINE halo in col. Beige Blonde + Dark Blonde 613/10

Ombré. If your medium length hair is feeling a little flat, create dimension with an ombré effect on the ends of your hair. Colouring your hair like this doesn't require many trips to the salon, which makes it a low maintenance and healthier way to colour your hair.

Here, @kristinamendonca wears the FINE halo in col. Beige Blonde + Dark Blonde 613/10 to add extra volume to her medium length 'do.

hairstyles medium hair chontelle berryman wears the FINE halo in col. Platinum Blonde 60

Go thicker. You love your length, but just crave more hair to run your hands through. Adding extensions like our FINE halo is the perfect way to give your medium length hair more volume.

Here, @chontelleberryman wears the FINE halo in col. Platinum Blonde 60 for extra thickness.

medium length hairstyles bangs wearing halo hair extensions

Curtain bangs. Curtain bangs like this can be a super fun way to change up your hair game.

It's a much more versatile alternative to blunt bangs as it's softer on the face, and works well with medium to thick hair.

If you're craving a dramatic hair change, curtain bangs might be just what you need.

As long as you're mentally prepared that one day you might want to abandon the bangs and have to patiently grow them out - then this hairstyle is worth a shot.

medium length hairstyles with accessories

Accessorise. Sometimes it's not even a matter cutting or colouring your locks. A safe way to revamp your medium length hair is to take advantage of all the ways you can accessorise.

Statement headbands and bold hair clips look great with medium length hair and is a temporary way to experiment with different hair looks.

medium length hair ideas with woman wearing halo hair extensions

Swap your part. It's amazing how much simply changing your part can make you feel like you've got a new hairdo. If you always wear your part off-centre, play with a straight down the middle part.

Or if you always stick to a middle part, step out of your comfort zone and try a side part for a mini hair makeover.

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