Did you know chocolate is not only delicious, but it is also chockablock full of beauty benefits?

There's nothing bitter about this news, only sweet.

**Bathes in chocolate.

Seriously, people, this is not a drill.


In moderation, of course, I'm not suggesting you should add a block of Caramilk to your daily beauty routine.

But a few squares of dark, raw or other artisan chocolate a day?

That's what I'm talking about.

Chocolate isn't just great to binge after being ghosted.

Cocoa is also full of minerals, mainly iron, magnesium, zinc and copper, which improve energy levels, hair growth and skin health.

As if that news wasn't delicious enough, chocolate is also full of antioxidants which help fight nasty free radicals.

So next time good ole' Aunt Karen tries to guilt you out of that extra block, clap back at her with this sweet, sweet science!

Ready to look like a snack from snacking' on snacks?

8 Beauty Benefits of Chocolate

1. Milk it

Hydration is the key to everything, especially healthy, glowing skin.

So, how do we hydrate?

We drink water, right?

Want healthy hair? Water.

Want to lose weight? Water.

Want to keep your plants alive? Water.

Want healthier hydrated skin? WAT---- no, CHOCCY MILK.

That's right, chocolate milk helps hydrate your skin arguably better than water.

Again, please don't exclusively start drinking chocolate milk instead of water.

But maybe add a glass or two to your daily routine.

... Delish.

So, how does chocolate milk hydrate you more than water?

(I promise you I'm not a four-year-old masquerading as a blogger, this is legit).

Chocolate milk is 90% water, so that's pretty hydrating...

But water is 100% water so it's better, right?


Yes, water contains more, water than chocolate milk, but that last 10% of chocolate milk is full of proteins and electrolytes.

And electrolytes, which water does not contain, are essential for hydration.

And as we know, hydration is essential for healthy, glowing skin and hair.

So, water contains no electrolytes and chocolate milk does.

Therefor chocolate milk can be more hydrating than water.


So chug some choccy milk after the gym and before bed, your skin is counting on it.

But, we'd steer clear of the store brought stuff.

Chocolate milk is obviously super high in sugar which is all kinds of bad for your skin and hair so we'd recommend a DIY version.

Mix up your chocolate milk by soaking cashews in a cup of water overnight.

Blend them together with a teaspoon of cocoa and a teaspoon of honey to make your own healthy choccy milk.

Strain the ingredients through a cheesecloth or an old thirst for a smooth consistency.

Read: How To Hydrate Your Hair by Type.


beauty benefits of chocolate chocolate milk

Image credit: Common-cafe


2. Chocolate Keeps you Calm

How's that for a sneaky chocolate beauty benefit?

Crave the sweet stuff when you're stressed?

"I'm such an emotional eater."

Binge on chocolate after every slight inconvenience?

**Eats an entire box of favourites because my phone died.

Well, turns out there's a reason we crave chocolate when we are stressed.

Chocolate reduces the stress hormone, cortisol.

And less cortisol is all kinds of good for your insides and outsides.

Stress is where beauty goes to die.

"You look sick." people often remark to stressed-out individuals...


And no, I'm fine, I just haven't slept in five nights and eaten coffee for my last seventeen meals.


*** Cries into 18th cup of coffee.

Anyway as I'm sure you're well aware, when we're stressed, we feel horrible, and more often than not we look horrible too.

Luckily, our favourite stressed out snack, is actually scientifically proven to help us calm the fudge down.

Not only does choccy combat cortisol, but it also boosts dopamine.

And that, my dudes, is the happy chemical.

Stress sends your system haywire, causing everything from break downs to breakouts, weight gain and even hair loss.

It can also cause insomnia which means circles under your eyes darker than dark chocolate.

So stay calm and eat chocolate.

Pro-tip though, avoid the sugary supermarket chocolate and go for something decadent and dark.

Metiisto Artisan Chocolate is the (golden) ticket when it comes to top-quality choccy.


Metiisto chocolate beauty benefits of chocolate

Image Credit: @metiisto.chocolate


3. Cop'per that Chocolate Beauty Benefit

Chocolate keeps you young.

Literally, cocoa helps prevent collagen breakdown which keeps you looking freshhhh.

This is because cocoa contains copper, which is essential to collagen production.

And as we know good skincare is all about getting that collagen.

Copper is also a nutrient needed for healthy hair growth.

So if you want plump, glowing skin and thick shiny hair, better get some chocolate.

But something to be mindful of,

Copper is also considered a heavy metal. Heavy metals (like arsenic, mercury, cadmium, lead, etc.) are considered toxic at low concentrations.

And although copper is at the bottom of the Heavy Metals list, it's worthwhile mentioning that although the concentrations of copper in chocolate are safe, you should generally avoid dosing up on copper, or any other heavy metal.


woman donning The Thick Halo in Col. Medium Brown #4

The Thick Halo in Col. Medium Brown #4


4. Feed your face, literally.

As I've mentioned chocolate is full of good minerals, nutrients and antioxidants.

Specifically, copper (as we've just covered), magnesium, iron and zinc.

PSA, these are all of the ingredients for glowing skin.

BUT, you don't have to eat the chocolate to reap the beauty benefits.

...Although, (dietary requirements aside) I don't see why you wouldn't just eat the chocolate unless you're a total psycho.

But if for whatever reason, you'd rather not eat chocolate, you can always just put it on your face.

Chocolate facemasks increase blood flow, improve hydration and decrease skin irritations.

Not to mention, they're also super affordable!

According to, LA's go-to Dermatologist and choc-oligist (I may have made that up), Jessica Wu, MD, it's not only cheaper but also better for your skin to DIY your choccy facemasks.

"Since prepackaged face masks may contain salt or sugar particles with jagged edges that can scratch your skin, I recommend making your own chocolate face mask at home,"

"They're cheap to make and all-natural so if you accidentally lick your lips, you know it's safe enough to eat."

** Licks entire face.

To make a DIY Chocolate face mask, mix a heaped teaspoon of cacao powder with a small amount of heavy cream (or vegan alternative) to form a paste.

Apply to clean, dry and skin and leave for 15 minutes.

Rinse with a warm washcloth.

Repeat twice per week for that sweet sweet glow.


woman wears the THICK halo in col. Dark Blonde 10.

@les.essentiels wears the THICK halo in col. Dark Blonde 10.


5. And Your Hair Full of Chocolate Beauty Benefits

Chocolate is full of nutrients and fatty acids which your hair craves, so feed it.

Thanks to copper, zinc and iron, chocolate is fab for hair growth.

It also boosts oxygen flow to the scalp, minimising inflammation and promoting healthy cell turn over.

But again, if for some reason you don't like chocolate, your locks can still feel the love.

How, you ask?

Chocolate hair masks.

Ok, so putting chocolate in your hair might sound terrible, but, HEAR ME OUT.

How else are going to get all those delicious beauty benefits?

Also, this chocolate hair mask will leave your locks shiny AF.

So, I see no issue with getting a little sticky.

It's for the sake of beauty after all!

For this chocolate hair mask you'll need;

  • 1 cup of plain Greek yogurt (or vegan alternative)
  • 1/4 cup of raw cacao powder
  • 3 tbsp of coconut oil
  • 3 drops of lavender oil
  • 5 drops of rosehip seed oil
  • 1/4 cup of hair conditioner (optional)

Blend all the ingredients together like your morning smoothie and apply to freshly washed hair.

Leave for 30 minutes then rinse.

Run some coconut oil through the ends and detangle with a wide-tooth comb.

Then enjoy sweet shiny strands!


woman wears The Thick Halo in Col. Light + Medium Brown #4/6.

The Thick Halo in Col. Light + Medium Brown #4/6.


6. Soothing and sweet

...and not just to eat.

If you're anything like me, your skin breaks out in a rash at the mere mention of spring or you become hive stricken in the heat.

Charming, I know.

While I love being a human tomato, did you know chocolate helps soothe irritated skin?

(And irritated me's.)

Yes, sir chocolate is a natural anti-inflammatory.

What you may not know is, inflammation is responsible for a lot of our less desirable physicalities.

Inflammation not only causes red, blotchy, hot and ouchy skin, but it also causes hair loss, dandruff and just a whole horn of other stuff we don't want.

So you could take your chances with prescription anti-inflammatory meds and expensive creams or you could up your chocolate intake.

For real, eating 30 grams of 80% dark chocolate a week significantly reduces inflammation!

Which is not only a beauty benefit but also helps chronic pain, lowers your risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Arthritis and some cancers.

*** Eats nothing but dark chocolate forever.

But, don't get it twisted, the health and beauty benefits of chocolate rely very heavily on the quality of the chocolate.

A block of Cadbury dairy milk is not going to have the same benefits as a block of Artisan chocolate such as Queensland brand, Metiisto, for example.

So stick to top-quality chocolate with a heavy cocoa count for a beauty boost.


Metiisto chocolate beauty benefits of chocolate

Image Credit: @metiisto.chocolate


7. Slip, Slop, Choc

Did you know chocolate helps shield your skin from UV rays?



** Throws away SPF 100+ and lathers self in chocolate.

*** Gets v badly burnt because that's obviously not how it works.

**** Eats 500 blocks of chocolate.

***** Still gets burnt because that's still not how it works.

Keep your sunscreen queens but chocolate can be a lil extra bit of protection for your precious skin.

I love the sun but let me tell you, the sun doesn't love me back.

Or maybe it does and that's why it gives me so much attention?

** Lathers self in aloe vera after getting burnt during winter, inside, while wearing sunscreen.

Proof that sometimes the things we love hurt us the most...

ANYWAY, back on track.

Chocolate is a big-time booster of UV protection.

Science has once and again done us a solid and proven that eating 20 grams of dark chocolate on the reg improves our residence to harmful UV rays.


Well, the sun smart part of chocolate comes from flavanols.

(Say that three times fast.)

Flavanols help filter UV light and are also high in Vitamins A, B1, C, D and E.

So, chocolate not only helps fight sunburn but it can also help to repair and hydrate sun-damaged skin.

But as previously mentioned, not all sweet treats are created equally.

In fact, most of the chocolate found in the lolly aisle at the supermarket will be useless against the sun.


The flavanol content depends on the quality of chocolate your buying.

So look for chocolate which states "preserved with HF (high flavanol) levels".


Metiisto Chocolate beauty benefits of chocolate

Image Credit: @metiisto.chocolate


8. Name a better duo, I'll wait.

Is there anything better than coffee and chocolate?

Except maybe chocolate and wine, after 5 pm of course...

** Writes while sipping lunchtime pinot.

Did you know your favourite dynamic duo actually make a brilliant skin detox?

You heard me.

Chocolate and coffee help detoxify your skin.

** Pours out green smoothie.

*** Throws blender away.

*** Gets a "F*#K you Kale" tattoo.

Coffee scrubs have been big in the beauty sphere for a while now, but adding chocolate makes your scrub (and everything else in life) 10 times better.

Coffee exfoliates, tightens, brightens and softens skin, while chocolate boosts magnesium, vitamin C and omega-Fatty 6 Acids, which help with cellulite reduction.

Chocolate also helps with barrier control and fighting harmful free radicals.

To whip up your own coffee + chocolate detoxifying scrub you'll need:

  • 6 tablespoons of coffee grounds
  • 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder
  • 2 tablespoons of macadamia or coconut oil (any nut oil is fine)
  • Orange zest (optional)

Mix all ingredients together to form a mud-like consistency (yum).

Apply a tablespoon size of scrub to a clean damp face.

Massage the mixture into your skin in a circular motion and leave for 20-25 minutes.

Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a washcloth.

Store the remaining mixture in a sealed glass jar for up to two months.

And enjoy skin so bright and awake you'll look like you've just had six espresso shots.


Mettisto chocolate beauty benefits of chocolate

Image Credit: @metiisto.chocolate


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