The Highlights:
  • The Sitting Pretty Halo uses wires instead of glues, beads, weaves, clips, etc. to avoid any wear and tear to your own hair, which is common with other hair extension types.
  • We provide 7 different wires of different sizes, so that you can find the one that fits best for your head. (Watch the video below for fitting tips).
  • Once you find the right sized wire, your halo will fit snuggly and secure. At first you may feel concerned that your halo could fall off. But with time your confidence will grow, and you'll realise it doesn't come off easily.
  • You can use the additional clips if you want to secure it further, but it isn't necessary.

If you're just getting to know the Halo, you might have some questions. And fair enough.

Halos are the latest form of hair extensions. So it's totally normal to be a little confused about how halo hair extensions work.

You might be wondering:

  • How do halo hair extensions stay on?
  • Can my halo hair extensions wire snap?
  • Will I see the wire?
  • Or feel it?

Naturally, these are things you would consider before investing in a halo. The good news?

You've got nothing to worry about. In this blog post, I'm going to debunk any concerns you have. So you can start having more good hair days.

By the end of this post you can be totally confident on how to get that perfect, secure fit with your Halo.

The reason why Halo hair extensions use a wire.

Like all things angelic, we brought the Halo down to Earth to give you a miracle;

The miracle of thicker, longer hair in seconds. Without the damage.

You see, before the Halo, girls had to make a sacrifice:

Hair that looked perfect, using extensions that glued, taped and bonded to the hair, causing damage and hair loss.

We don’t think girls should have to make that compromise to feel confident with their hair.

The solution? Hair extensions that sit on your head, not your hair.


...And that’s where the wire comes in. The Halo hair extensions wire allows the Halo to sit snug on your head.

So it's just as secure as clip ins and tape ins, but without ruining your natural hair in the process.


Halos are 100% secure and will not fall off your head. We made these babies for daily, effortless hair...

That means feeling comfortable in your Halo. So if you've just got a Halo. Or you’re thinking about it. And you're not 100% sure how to get the halo wire to work for you. Then keep on reading...

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Q: How does the Halo stay on? I’m worried it will fall off.

No stress babe. Your Halo won’t fall off when worn properly.

The first thing you need to do is find the Halo hair extension wire that suits YOU. Our Halos come with 7 different nylon wires in various sizes

So you’ll definitely be able to find the one that’s right for your head shape & personal preference.

The wire test:

You'll know you've found the right wire length when you can shake your head around and upside down without the wire moving an inch.


Q: Will the wire break? What happens if it does?

Our wires are made of industry grade nylon, similar to fishing wire. Amazingly it can hold up to 5kg of weight, without breaking or changing shape.

Pretty great considering our heaviest Halo is only 0.16kg – and you’re not planning on fishing with it.

Since our Halo hair extensions wire is designed to hold up to 5kgs, it shouldn't break.

We include 7 different wire sizes so if one’s not fitting quite right, have a play with the other sizes.

In the rare case it does break, simply change to one of the other wires or message us for a replacement. 😘

Q: Will I feel the Halo hair extensions wire in my hair?

Nu-uh honey. You’ll feel almost as natural as if it’s your own hair. Just remember, your head isn't used to having a piece of wire sitting on it.

So when you first put your Halo on, it's a new sensation. It may feel a little foreign for the first 10-15 minutes.

But the good things in life are worth waiting 10-15 minutes for, like a table at your fave brunch spot to eat smashed avo.

You’ll quickly start to feel more comfortable the more you wear your halo and the more times you check yourself out in the mirror, phone, or reflection of the shop window.

Q: Will my halo hair extensions wire need clips to stop it from moving?

When positioned correctly: no.

Once you find the perfect wire for you, the halo won’t need clips, and yes it will sit securely.

Confidence comes with time; the more you wear it, the more you’ll get used to it. Remember, our extensions are designed to be non-invasive – unlike permanent extensions. We don’t use clips or anything that will get stuck in your hair, as they only cause more damage to your hair over time. Because that’s the kind of drama nobody (or hair-do) needs.

At Sitting Pretty, we advocate for healthy hair and we work to give you amazing hair, without damaging your own locks. Or the need for 3 hours and 30 products in front of a mirror. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Because of the angle it sits, the Halo will fit securely on your head. It might feel a bit unusual in the beginning but you’ll start to feel more comfortable the more you wear it, and the more times you check yourself out in the mirror, phone, or reflection of the shop window.

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