We are shining the spot, or should I say, red light on red light therapy for hair growth!

It was only a matter of time before lasers beamed their way into the hair growth sphere instead of just the removal side of things.

Well, beam me up Scotty because I am here for it.

Simply put; red light therapy is a safe, effective and natural treatment for hair loss that is growing in popularity.

What is red light therapy?

How does it work?

What are the benefits of red light therapy for hair growth?

How much is it?

How long does it take?

So, so many questions!

To help you navigate your way through the red light district here is everything you need to know about the newest trend in hair loss and hair growth treatment.

What is Red Light Therapy?

To help you understand the benefits of red light therapy for hair growth, I should probably tell you what it actually is and how it works.

As the name suggests, red light therapy is a kind of treatment that uses light. Red light to be exact.

Annnd that's all you need to know.

Not really, there is a little more science to it than that.

Red light therapy is a treatment designed to help repair muscle, cell and skin tissue damage by promoting cell regeneration and strength.

This treatment involves exposing parts of your body to low levels of red or near-infrared light. Your eyes can't see this light, but your body feels it as heat.

So, why is red light good for your body?

You know, that thing they taught you in high school instead of how to do taxes?

Well, that knowledge is about to come in handy, because we are talking mitochondria!

The powerhouse of the cell.

When exposed to red light the mitochondria absorb it quickly which prompts it to heat up and generate more energy.

This, in turn, speeds up the healing and cell regeneration process.

The light used in red light therapy is not the same light used in tanning booths etc. It is entirely safe and doesn't expose your body to UV.

Currently, it is being used to treat dementia, dental issues, arthritis, skin damage, and of course, hair loss.

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How Does Red Light Therapy Help with Hair Loss?

So now that we know what red light therapy is and how it works let's talk about its benefits for hair loss.

From age, genetics, medical conditions, diet and stress, there is an endless list of things that cause hair loss.

But thankfully, for every cause for hair loss, there is a treatment to prevent and treat it, or at least slow it down.

As I mentioned above, red light therapy helps hair loss by repairing cells and promoting regeneration.

But, what you need to understand is that red light therapy doesn't actually prevent hair loss.

Instead, it promotes hair growth.

But, more on that in a minute.

Obviously promoting hair growth will help prevent hair loss. However, you still won't reach your full hair growth potential if your locks are brittle and breaking.

So, before you embark on your red light journey, you should commit to taking overall better care of your locks and begin a regime specifically to help hair loss.

This will give you the best results possible from your red light therapy.

Some tips to help prevent hair loss are;

  • Hydrate: Drink your water and do a hydrating hair mask a few times per week.
  • Cut down on heat styling: Hot tools cause hair breakage, frizz and overall poor hair health.
  • Sleep on silk: This helps prevent snagging and snapping overnight and also helps hydrate your hair.
  • Eat a healthy hair diet: This means a diet moderate in protein, high in refined carbs and low in refined sugar.
  • Destress: stress is one of the biggest causes of hair loss, so calm down, k?

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What Are The Benefits of Red Light Therapy for Hair Growth?

Let's get into to the good stuff!

Red light therapy is proven to promote hair growth.

Not only does it help your hair grow longer, but it also helps improve your overall hair and scalp health while making your locks thicker and stronger.

So, How does red light therapy work so well for hair growth?

Red light therapy helps hair grow in a few ways.

One, by accessing the mitochondria and stimulating fast hair cell repair and growth.

Two, by promoting blood flow and circulation to the scalp and hair follicles which strengthens hair.

And three, by helping reduce and prevent scalp inflammation which hinders hair growth.

Red light therapy for hair growth also has no side effects, is minimally invasive and completely safe and painless.

Sounds too good to be true, am I right?

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Are There Any Cons of Red Light Therapy?

So I've raved on about the benefits of red light therapy for hair growth, so it's time to talk some negatives.

Balance and all that...

While red light therapy is mostly win-win, there are a few downsides.

One being the price.

As with many clinical laser treatments, this can be pretty pricey.

Red light therapy will usually set you back a few grand a year.


Another con is it's time-consuming.

If you get laser hair removal, this will be no shock to you, but red light therapy usually requires a few sessions a week for several months.

This will taper off in time but, to begin with, it's a lot.

Red light therapy is also most useful for those in the early stages of hair loss.

So it might not work as well for someone who is further along.

You should also proceed with caution when it comes to red light therapy as it can interfere with certain medications and increase your sensitivity to light.

As it is a relatively new treatment for hair loss, there have also been little tests to confirm its long term effectiveness.

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How Long Does Red Light Therapy For Hair Growth Take to Work?

As mentioned above, red light therapy for hair growth is time-consuming.

Initially, you will require multiple treatments a week for a few months, which will taper off over time.

In fact, for the best results, it is suggested that you commit to 1-2 sessions between 10 and 20 minutes per day or at least 3 to 4 times per week for 3 to 4 months.

But, How long does it take to see results from red light therapy for hair growth?

While this will vary from person to person, you can usually start to see an improvement within the 3 to 4-month time frame.

Don't be put off by this.

As with anything, there are always a few cons in the mix of pros.

But, If you have the time and cash to dedicate to red light therapy, you will not regret it.

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