Shopping for hair extensions is a seriously personal quest.

It's not like other beauty products, where you can find a perfectly good mascara at the drugstore for $12 rather than blow $45 on mascara at Sephora.

If you're looking to get hair extensions, you're trying to achieve one thing;

More hair, that looks natural.

Your ultimate goal is to put on hair extensions that blend so well - no one will notice it's not your real hair.

Your hair extensions should be your little secret.

Ok, yeah, maybe if you're adding 6 inches of length your family and friends are going to figure it out.

But your hair extensions should be able to fool anyone.

Good quality hair extensions vs. cheap hair extensions.

Have you ever seen a girl down the street and her hair extensions look really obvious?

Usually it's because there's a huge disconnect between her hair and the extensions.

The extensions aren't blending, they look a little bit stringy, and the colour could be a little bit off.

I always think to myself:

If you're going to wear hair extensions that don't blend at all, what's the point of wearing extensions?

Cheap hair extensions will just attract more bad attention to your hair.

So what is the difference between good quality and cheap hair extensions?

Benefits of good quality hair extensions:

Okay yes, let's address the elephant in the room.

The main reason you're reading this article is because you want to know if:

a) you can save some $$$ and get away with buying cheap hair extensions while still getting the hair results you're after.


b) you're trying to figure out if and why it'd be worth spending more money on good quality extensions.

Here's the deal:

Good quality hair extensions are made from real human hair.

It's called Remy hair (more about that here).

While I can't speak on behalf of all extensions, I can tell you that our halo hair extensions are also made from 100% European Remy Hair.

That means our halo extensions are:

  • Soft
  • Long-lasting
  • Realistic
  • Can be treated like your own hair and styled with heat styling tools.

We also make sure our halos are comfortable - with the finer details like including a lace interior so it doesn't get scratchy, and offering adjustable hooks and a variation of wire sizes so you can fit your halo securely.

The thing is, hair extensions like ours that use real human hair and are made with customisation:

They take more TLC to make. More labour.

That's more people working to manufacture your halo, and more time spent doing so.

We invest in making good quality halo extensions, so you can invest in extensions that will look as natural as your own hair.

On the flips side:

Here's why cheap hair extensions suck, to be frank.

So you've seen extensions on google selling at a 'too-good-to-be-true' price?

The harsh reality is:

They really are too good to be true.

If a brand is selling extensions extremely cheap - you can expect they were made with the cheapest materials, and quickly.

Meaning it won't be long before the hair starts falling out.

And the synthetic hair begins to get tangled and ratty.

So yes, they might save you dollars initially.

But if you have to replace them every few months - how much are you really saving?

Of course, like I touched on before - it's also harder to blend synthetic hair with your real hair too.

Which doesn't help you achieve the luscious, natural looking hair you're after.

The other downside of synthetic hair is that you can't curl them to blend if you have wavy or curly hair.

And let's be real:

Having luscious Beyonce-style waves is half the fun of wearing extensions.

The bottom line:

If you're looking to enhance your natural hair - you need high quality hair extensions.

While it may be more of an upfront investment, it's more beneficial in the long term.

Want to know more about our halo hair extensions? Read this.