V-Day is sneaking up on us and regardless of loving it or loathing it, one thing is assured – it's an excuse to celebrate.

Whether you’re head over heels for your man or a single pringle ready for one or ...seven Cosmo’s with the girls...

We’ve sought out the 7 BEST hairstyles to flaunt this Feb 14th, each one simple, sexy and romantic no matter what you’re plans are (or who you’re planning to impress).


… And not look like a schoolgirl? Despite what you may be thinking (bows are purely for high school girls, Lady GaGa or Blair Waldorf) – We’re sharing with you the RIGHT way to wear a bow, and rock it.

V-Day is the only day of the year you can boast a super cute bow and ooze a young, romantic and flirty vibe. Our go-to style is the effortless and never failing, half-up half-down.

Grab a teasing comb and part the top quarter of your hair teasing the roots. Pull back the sides, smooth over and tie with a simple silk bow at the crown of your head.

This style works best with long, effortless, chic waves (short or long can work!) The cutest hairstyle for V-Day rollerblading date night with your sweetie.

TIP: How NOT to wear a Bow - avoid wearing a bow directly on top of your head, take into consideration the size of the bow (don’t go too large, its 2016 not 1985), keep it chic, simple and at the back of your hair away from your face.


The most romantic hairstyle of them all - The Fishtail Braid - seems daunting at first but to get that perfect Blake Lively do (queen of braids) isn’t as hard as it seems.

For a romantic dinner and movie V-Day Date, a messy Fishtail braid swept to the side is a MUST.

The best thing about this hairstyle is that it requires a few days old hair to create maximized volume (woohoo!) So save those extra minutes of washing and blowdrying, have the dry shampoo ready and be ready to braid it up.

TIP: If you’re finding the Fishtail too difficult, a faux fishtail braid is easily done by twisting small amounts together with clear elastic bands and tucking them into each other through the braid.


A huge trend for 2016 is the return of the bangs, or more specifically the curtain fringe. With the likes of Brigitte Bardot, Kate Moss and Alexa Chung all rocking the curtain fringe, it isn’t half obvious that this style is coming back and with a BANG (pun intended).

If you aren’t committed to the snip at the salon for this look, don’t fret. The curtain fringe can easily be done with a clip in faux fringe that won’t hurt your bank account.

The curtain fringe looks incredible alongside some loose tousled waves, a sexy look when you’re out for Espresso’s with the girls (the alcoholic type).


A modern twist to the classic messy pony is the crisscross messy pony, it adds a little excitement to your everyday ‘chuck it up’ look.

The perfect do for a romantic V-Day night, bingeing on takeout and watching back to back episodes of Friends (as well as the best style for those lazy gals who can’t be bothered getting the curling iron out).

To add a bit of volume we recommend spritzing some volumizing spray to nail that #iwokeuplikedis look, our top pick is Toni and Guy Sea Salt Texturizing Spray.

P.S your Sitting Pretty Halo Hair Extension is crucial to make this style BOMB.


Catch ya later top knots… low knots are IN and they ain’t going anywhere.

A sophisticated twist on the classic low bun, the low knot is an incredibly chic hairstyle that you can rock almost anywhere.

Make it messy and loose with a bit of teasing through the roots for that brunch date with your man, or make it sleek and sexy for a night out with the girls.

Whatever you choose, the low knot is always a safe option AND especially perfect for those bad hair days (we all get ‘em).


If you’re lucky enough to have incredibly long locks without the help of a Halo, then rock that long hair all day ery-day.

If not, grab your Halo because a head full of voluminous luscious locks is the perfect hairstyle for any date night - with or without a boyfie.

Nothing oozes confidence more than a head full of well kept curls.

Loose, wavy or glamorous it is the number one go to style any girl can accomplish within minutes.

For a super chic look, pin a circular barrette at the back of your hair.


If you have short hair you might be thinking by now that the above hairstyles may prove to be difficult for you.

But NO FEAR, we have the most effortlessly chic hair do for those shorties out there.

The lob (long bob) as it’s known as, with a wind blown side part is one of our most flirtatious V-Day do’s there is.

The perfect style for a movie and dinner date with your crush that doesn’t look like you’ve spent 4 hours in the bathroom preparing yourself (although you might have).

Using a curling wand, create loose waves, spritz with some super strength hairspray and run your fingers through to create some insane volume.

So chic it’ll have you looking like you’ve just touched down from Paris Charles De Gaulle in no time. Did I mention chic?

We hope you love these styles as much as we do,

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