The Halo vs Other types of Hair Extensions

The Halo vs Other types of Hair Extensions

At Sitting Pretty we meet a lot of different women and we talk to them about a lot of things. Usually it’s about their hair and how they want it to improve it in some way.

Some women just want thicker hair, some want their hair to be longer and some want both!

Realistically, this can only be achieved through hair extensions.

When we talk to women about hair and hair extensions in general, the most common responses we get are:

1 // I’ve used hair extensions before and they ruined my hair. My hair is worse off now then it was before I had them!

2 // I’m too scared to try permanent hair extensions because I’ve heard so many people say they’ll ruin my hair, be hard to maintain, and cost a lot - but I want thick long hair!

3 // They do ruin my hair but I don’t care because I need them. I don't like my hair with out them. There’s no other option really…

These have become the common responses when speaking to women about hair extension’s.

We see that there’s a little problem here, because women should not have to deal with these devastating circumstances, it's so bizarre to think that a temporary solution to their problem is what leaves them with more hair problems in the long term.

Luckily there's a new option!!

A new type of extension called the Halo which means women don't need to sacrifice their own hair in order to look & feel good.

The Sitting Pretty Halo is a great solution because it cant damage the hair at all - It’s not attached to it in any way.

It just sits on the head, under the hair uneducated and unnoticed.

With out glues, tapes, beads, weaves or clips!

Are you thinking “whaaaat? But how does it stay on?”

It's all about having fitted correctly and sitting on the correct angle.

See how the Halo works here. 

We love this, because women can finally have the hair they want. They’ll get to enjoy the fact that their hair isn’t being ruined and that they get to look after their own hair properly.

Which is why the Sitting Pretty Halo Extension has proven to be a much easier and safer option when it comes to choosing which hair extensions to go with.

Hair extensions should be making women feel empowered and confident. Not insecure and sad that their hair is being trashed.

The Sitting Pretty Halo is a great option when it comes to hair extensions and here are a few reasons why.

The Halo eliminates risk:

- It's not fixed to the hair so it can’t damage the hair, its just not possible.

- There's no expensive time consuming installs and re applying every 6-8 weeks, the Halo saves you $$.

- It looks natural because its one piece and will most likely be cut and layered to blend in with your hair.

- It feels comfortable, there's no itchy annoying contraptions pulling on your delicate hair, stressing out hair follicles. There will be no hair ripped out causing bald spots.

- It’s so quick and easy to use, it only take seconds to put on making life much easier.

- It's not permanent, so you can properly wash your hair and take care of it with treatments.

What’s been great is that more women who have never even used hair extensions before are starting to use the SP Halo, they like that it’s removable and can wear it when ever they want fuller longer hair - with out all the fuss.

We'd like to know what your idea of perfect hair is?

If you have had any bad hair experiences and you'd like to share how you dealt with it or what you did to over come it, it could be helpful for other girls going through the same thing :)


Written by Taryn

Taryn is an expert on all things hair. She's co-founder and Creative Director at Sitting Pretty.

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