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Gentle Halo Shampoo & Conditioner
Halo Shampoo & Conditioner

Uniquely formulated to preserve the lifespan of your Halo, keeping it soft and healthy for longer. Learn more

$41.00 $47.00

Halo Shampoo & Conditioner

Our Halo Hair Extensions Shampoo is specially formulated to enhance your Sitting Pretty Halo's lifespan and softness. It is completely colour-safe and won't damage your Halo like some other shampoos and conditioners do.

Gentle Halo Shampoo & Conditioner
Gentle Halo Shampoo & Conditioner
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When I first saw the hair, I thought there`s no way this will blend or look good. BUT IT DOES OMG!

Chloe Hule

Beige blonde #613


How long does shipping take?

Shipping time varies depending on your location and whether you choose Express or Standard Shipping. See our shipping information page for more details.

Can you buy the halo in person?

We don't have a salon for you to buy the halo in person. However, if you send us 1-2 hair selfies we can tell you which colour will work best for your hair. Keep in mind we also offer 30 day exchanges if the colour you choose isn't perfect.

How much is shipping?

Shipping in AUS, USA, NZ and CAN is free. Express shipping costs a little extra. Shipping to other countries will only cost $24.05AUD.

What is your exchange policy?

We offer 90 day exchanges. We also have a great team who are available to answer any of your questions.

What if I need my Halo urgently?

Although we can't guarantee delivery times we recommend you place your order promptly, choose Express Shipping, and email our team with 1-3 hair-selfies so that we can confirm your colourmatch before your parcel is shipped. We'll also ensure your parcel is shipped as soon as absolutely possible.

Can you help me colourmatch?

Yes we can! Just send us 1-3 hair selfies and we'll let you know what your best match is. Email us on


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Halo Shampoo & Conditioner

Our Halo Hair Extensions Shampoo is specially formulated to enhance your Sitting Pretty Halo's lifespan and softness. It is completely colour-safe and won't damage your Halo like some other shampoos and conditioners do.

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Your dream hair is waiting! See Before & After

Blonde girl showing how to do hair and makeup at home

How To Do Your Hair and Makeup at Home Like a Pro

Sick of watching all the TikTok tutorials and still being none the wiser of how to do your makeup at home?

Or skipping out of the house thinking you look fresssssh only to see a picture of yourself the next day resembling a Cheeto-powdered doughnut hybrid?

Or, worse yet attempting a new hairstyle only to end up looking like a bird has taken up residency in your strands?

...Or perhaps, like you've just lost a fight with a toaster?

I get it, hair and makeup at home are hard.

But it doesn't have to be.

In fact, with a few simple tips and tricks, you can nail your beauty routine quickly and stress-free.

Sounds fake, I know.

But you can do it.

The first rule of thumb is "when in doubt, keep it simple."

Nailing your base, and all the basics are the keys to a flawless hair and beauty routine!

Here are your basic steps for how to do hair and makeup at home like a pro.

How To Do Makeup At Home

1. Light's, Camera, Action

As with selfies, lighting is everything!

Make sure you're doing your makeup in a bright and natural light. Otherwise, you run the risk or wearing too much, or too little.

I have often been deceived by dim light only to check myself in the mirror outside to realise the natural look I was aiming for is more Ru Paul then subtle.






The light should always be coming on to your face rather than from behind it.

Backlighting creates unwanted and misplaced shadows.

My recommendation is using a large portable mirror in front of a window with plenty of sunshine.

If you don't have access to much natural light, invest in a ring light mirror.

blonde girl wearing beige blonde dark blonde halo

The Medium Halo in Col. #10/6


2. All About That Base

The base is a part of hair and makeup at home that SO many of us struggle with.
Whether we know it or not...

Think unblended foundation lines, miss-matched shades and of course, the dreaded cakey base.

Flawless makeup starts with flawless skin.
When it comes to the base, less is more.

So if you want to achieve a glowing, glassy and subtle foundation look, then get ya skincare together.

Some of the easiest ways to improve your skin are:


Seriously, if you're not taking your makeup off every night before bed, grow up.


Again, grow up if you're not already doing this.

And 3. Establish and maintain a consistent skincare routine with products suitable for your skin type!

With just a few simple changes, you will have a flawless complexion and face base in no time at all.

BONUS: 4. Watch out what you eat! Certain foods can flare up food sensitivities leading to inflammation and detoxification of unwanted ingredients (heavy metals, gluten, toxins, etc.) via your skin; aka pimples.

There's no secret about which foods to avoid. Just eat healthy. Healthy body = healthy skin.

Read: What Skincare You Should Use Based On Your Skin Type


hair and makeup at home skincare halo hair extensions

Image Credit: Go-To


3. Prime Time

If you're not using primer, I repeat grow up.

A primer suited to your skin's needs is an absolute must for pro-looking hair and makeup at home.

Whether illuminating, hydrating, colour correcting or blurring, there are many drug store and designer primers out there waiting to elevate your makeup game.

But, it's not just the type of primer you use, it's also how you apply it!

Primer should come after skincare and prep, but only after your moisturiser has had time to dry.

This should take a minute or so.

I like to apply a light layer of primer using a stippling brush, then allow it to sit for 30 seconds before applying another layer, being a little more heavy-handed in my problem areas.

Wait another minute or so before applying your foundation.  




4. Keep It Cream,

Or powder.

Just stick to one.

Pros can switch it up between liquids, creams and powders but for us mere mortals, this can be hazardous.

So it's best to stick with what works best with your skin.

If you like a liquid foundation, try using cream blushes and contour sticks and even cream eye shadows.

You'd be surprised by how light and easy to blend this method is.

Same goes for if you prefer powder products.

The one exception to this rule is setting powder and some eye shadows.

You can apply a small amount of powdered products over a liquid or cream base without too much drama.

But use with caution to avoid cracking and cakey skin.

Read: Expert Makeup Artists Share Their Secrets To Natural Beauty


Hair and makeup at home halo hair extensions

Image Credit: @carladysonmakeup


5. Clean Ya Brushes

Do I need to say it?

And if, I do, GROW UP.

Really, a lot of doing your hair and makeup at home nicely is about doing all the adulty things you should already be doing.

... But that's ok, as long as you're cleaning your brushes after every third use at least.

This will have a huge impact on the overall look of your makeup and also improve your skin.

I know it's annoying.

But seriously, that brush you're using for bronzer, foundation and probably blush is covered in bacteria and far too many colours.

Tres not cute.


Hair and makeup at home makeup brushes halo hair extensions

 Image credit: Sigma


How To Do Hair At Home

1. Prep

As with your makeup, your hair's condition and health have a lot to do with how well it styles.

So, when it comes to doing your hair at home, let's start with some hair care basics.

Again, drink your water.

But there is a little more to hair health than that.

To keep it in tip-top shape you should eat a healthy and well-balanced diet, scrub your scalp, and wash your locks with hydrating and clarifying products.

Doing a hydrating mask and a deep conditioning treatment the night before an event is a great way to prep your hair for styling too.

 Read: 10 Healthy Hair Tips To Apply To Bring Your Hair Back To Life




2. Protect

I'm not going to tell you to grow up again, but if you're not using heat protection spray and anti-frizz serums, then you know where I stand.

Again, successful styling is all about your hair's health.

And keeping it protected from the heat and minimising frizz is a huge part of that.

Both these things mean your strands look and stay smooth before and after styling without being damaged in the process.


before and after halo extensions at home

The Medium Halo in Col. #20C


3. Plump

Often we fall flat when doing our hair at home because our hair is literally flat.

Adding some plumping products to your roots before styling is a pro tip to ensure big bouncy body.

This is especially important if you want curls and beachy waves because otherwise they can look more drowned rat than mermaid-esque.

But use plumping products sparingly as they can build up in your roots and make your hair look greasy.

Another handy hack to boost your volume sans the styling products is halo hair extensions.

They offer serious or subtle body in seconds.


 Read: Thin Hair? Here's What To Do




4. Choose Your Weapon

When doing your hair at home, the tools you use are very important, depending on what you want to achieve.

If you're a wizard, a straightener will suffice for most styles.

But if you're a novice, you might want more then one styling tool or technique in your arsenal.

Hair tools I'd suggest are: 

1. A decent straightener.

My 14-year-old GHD only just went to hair heaven. If your hesitant to drop the dollars on it, it's a solid investment.

2. A mid-range price and mid-sized barrel curler.

This will allow you to create a range of curls and waves without spending serious cash.

You can tailor your looks by how long you hold your hair on the wand for and by plumping or pulling them out with products after styling.

3. A tail comb.

Because parting properly and teasing are a must.

4. A decent brush.

Yes, there is more than one kind of brush, and some are better for your hair than others.

But using the right tools will make doing your hair at home breezy.




5. Clean Your Tools

Like your makeup brushes, you should also be regularly cleaning your hair tools!

Sounds shocking, I know.

But de-hairing your brush and curler etc. on the reg helps the tool get closer to your hair and scalp when styling.

This means it works better and also doesn't spread nasties.

You don't need to sterilise them or anything too crazy, just get rid of the built-up hair and wipe them now and again.

Obvs be careful when cleaning the electrical tools, maybe just wipe them down and avoid open water.

Electrocution is not a vibe.

Read: 8 Summer Hair Accessories To Elevate Your Style


Hair and makeup at home sitting pretty halo hair extensions tools


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Written by Mae

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If you already have an active Klarna account:

1. You choose your Halo Hair Extension on our website as you normally would.

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3. During checkout just select Klarna as your preferred payment option. You'll be redirected to or the app to confirm your order. That's it!

If it's your first time using Klarna:

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Buying Halo Hair Extensions With ZipPay

Do you want to buy your Halo Hair Extensions with Zip (ZipPay)?

NOTE: Currently only available to Australian customers.

Thick, long, luscious hair just got easier. With ZipPay you can buy your halo hair extensions with 4 easy bi-weekly instalments. This way you can have dream hair now, and pay for it later.

Zip now, pay later

Zip is an Australian company founded in 2014, servicing over 14 international markets. They provide consumers with access to transparent, flexible and interest free credit.

Here's what we'll cover on this page:

Can I use ZipPay to buy halo hair extensions and pay it off over time?How do I buy halo extensions with ZipPay?Am I eligible to use ZipPay to buy my halo extensions?How do I set up a ZipPay account?Can I use ZipPay to buy my halo hair extensions and pay it off over time?

Yes you can!

You can use ZipPay to purchase your Sitting Pretty Halo Extensions, and then pay it off in 4 even, bi-weekly instalments, 100% interest free!

No fees at all (providing you meet your repayments). The cost of using ZipPay is covered by the merchant - that's us!

When you use Zip to buy your halo hair extensions you essentially pay the purchase off like a payment plan, but we will ship your item right away.

How do I buy my Halo Hair Extensions with ZipPay?

It's really easy.

If you already have an active Zip account:

Youchoose your Halo Hair Extensionon our website as you normally would.Add your selected Halo to your shopping cart. If you need help choosing your colour you can use our free colour matching service!In the checkout just selectZipas your preferred payment option. You'll be redirected to to confirm your order. It's as easy as that!

If it's your first time using Zip:

Go to to set up your account- it's quick and easy!Add your halo extensions to your basket.Choose ZipPay at checkout. You'll be redirected to the website to confirm the order. Simple!

Your first 1-in-4 payments will be automatically deducted by ZipPay when we ship your order.

And the last 3 instalments will automatically be charged to the card you provide in fortnightly cycles after that.

For your convenience, our website will calculate your fortnightly payments just below the 'add to cart' button. That way you're well aware of what the repayments will look like.

And, when your order is confirmed, sit back and relax while we ship you your order.

Am I eligible to pay with ZipPay?

Most likely.

To use ZipPay you need to:

Be 18 years or over.Be an Australian citizen or resident.Have a verifiable PayPal or bank account in your own name.Have a good credit history.Have a verifiable email address and mobile number.Be careful, even though ZipPay is interest-free, a late payment will subject you to a fee (charged by Zip, not us).

We offer Zip for all Halo Extensions to help you get your Halo now, and pay later.

How can I set up a new Zip account?

The process is quick and easy!

When you make your purchase, just choose 'Zip' as your payment method.

You'll be redirected to the website where you can set up your account before confirming your order.

And if you have any questions we're more than happy to help.

Recommended reading:Frequently asked questionsShipping informationExchange guarantee

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