10 ways to grow your hair in 90 days

10 Proven Ways Of Growing Your Hair 3 Inches In 90 days

Growing your hair can be hard.

And to get your hair to at that mermaid-worthy length can be even harder.

But it is possible.

And guess what?

We've done the research.

In this post I'm going to spill the beans...

I'm going to show you the 10 proven ways for growing your hair by 3 inches in just 90 days.

The Hair Growth Challenge

I know you want longer hair.

But you'll achieve no growth if you don't do anything.

So my challenge to you is:

  • Take a 'before' photo of your hair from behind.
  • Pick 3 tips that you can comfortably do and commit to doing them 100%.
  • When your hair grows to 3 inches; post your before and after photo to Insta and tag us @sittingprettyhalohair

Are you ready?



1. Shake Up Your Salon Regime To Thicken Your Hair

cut your hair to grow it longer

Regular trims at the salon can guarantee your locks are ridden of split ends.

This can make a huge difference.

But more importantly...

Stop dying your hair for a while.

Here's the thing:

Hair dyes are highly toxic. And extremely acidic.

This is why blonde girls wear more hair extensions - because they dye and bleach their hair more.

If it's possible for you;

Try to not dye your hair for a full 3 months.

What to do:

  • Book your next 3 salon visits.
  • Only opt for a trim - no colour treatment.

Effectiveness rating:

5/5 - This is the most effective way to grow your hair.

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2. Detox your hair and scalp to strengthen your strands

hair growing shampoo

To grow strong hair you need to first:

Stop causing damage to it.

And by this I mean - stop lather it with toxins...

Like the toxins from your shampoo and conditioner.

Here's the thing:

Shampoo isn’t as important as you think.

Washing your hair with shampoo every time you shower washes away the dirt and product buildup in your scalp.

But it also removes all the healthy natural oils.

Why's that bad:

Your natural oils are vital in keeping your hair strong and healthy.

Without the natural oils your hair will become dry and brittle.

What to do:

Effectiveness rating:

4/5 - We rate this method as 'highly effective'.

3. Close the cuticles and protect your hair from external damage  

cold shower to close hair cuticles

A cold rinse in the morning can do a world of good.

If you can brave it!


When you wash your hair with cold water the hair cuticles close up.

This makes your locks more resistant to external damage and toxins.

You’ll thank us later..

What to do:

  • Rinse your hair through a cold shower or under the tap.
  • Pat your hair dry gently with a soft towel.
  • Allow your hair to air dry.

Effectiveness rating:

3/5 - We rate this as being 'quite effective'.

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4. Nourish the roots and ends to grow healthy hair

nourishing hair growth serum

Cream, oil or protein...any treatment will work its magic on your precious locks!

Trust me, this is your new BFF.

Treatments replenish all that goodness that has been lost or damaged over time.

What to do:

  • Use a hair serum or a natural oil (hemp oil is amazing).
  • Massage the serum into your scalp and roots, and the tips of your hair every week (at least once per week).
  • Leave it in for 5 minutes (only; serums normally stop taking affect after 5 minutes)

This is a big one, and if you do this you're 50% of the way there.

Effectiveness rating:

4/5 - We rate this method as 'highly effective'.

5. Reduce night time hair damage

silk pillow case for hair growth

This will give you an excuse to ditch the shabby cotton pillowcase.

And invest in a smooth silk pillowcase.

This is a good win.


Because sleeping on a silk pillowcase feels amazing.

But you'll also be saving your hair from deterioration...while you sleep!

One of life's few guilt-free pleasures.

Here's the thing:

Normal pillow cases slowly pull your hair out as you toss and turn in your sleep.

But silk pillow cases are gentle on your hair.

In return, NO TANGLES. Plus your curls will last for daaaaays.

What to do:

Effectiveness rating:

3/5 - We rate this method as being 'effective'.

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6. Replace your damaging hair brushing technique

remove hair knots

Most of us brush from the top down.

But it doesn't work.

This will only move those pesky little knots further down and cause even more breakage (AGH!)

So instead, use our bottom up brushing method.

What to do:

  • Start from the bottom and work your way up, very gently!
  • Always use a gentle brush.
  • If you hit a knot, start further down. Never brush through it.

Your locks will love you for it.

Effectiveness rating:

5/5 - We rate this as one of the most effective methods.


7. Alternate your ponytail to grow your hair

change your ponytail to grow your hair

Throwing your hair up in the same place thins your hair out.

It causes pulling and breakage in the same spots every time.

And over time it both weakens and thins out your hair.

What to do:

  • Try moving around the position of your pony tails.
  • Even try using softer bands or switching up that up-do!

Effectiveness rating:

4/5 - We rate this as 'highly effective'.

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8. Reduce the heat to stop cooking your hair

reduce the heat to grow healthier hair

Heat is a major hair growth killer.

We do so much to cook our hair.

And we rarely stop to consider the consequences...

Hair isn't heat resistant.

In fact:

If you heat your hair too much it pulverises.

And to some degree that's what happens when you cook your hair.

What to do:

  • Stop straightening your hair for 90 days.
  • Stop blow drying your hair for 90 days.

Caveman styles!

Effectiveness rating:

4/5 - We rate this as 'highly effective'.

9. Stimulate the scalp daily to boost blood flow

head massage stimulates hair growth

Blood flow = hair growth.


Because your blood carries nutrients around your body.

And if you increase blood flow to your scalp...

...more nutrients will go there.

What to do:

  • Invest in a regular scalp massage (2-3 times per week, 15 mins at a time)
  • It doesn't have to cost anything; coax your bf or bff into doing it :)

A good head massage can help fight hair breakage and further hair loss, so get massaging gals!

Effectiveness rating:

3/5 - We rate this as an 'effective' method.

10. No more damaging hair extensions 


That's right.

Regular hair extensions are known to cause damage to your hair.


We've worked with girls who end up with bald spots from using clips and weaves.

If you need to use hair extensions then, by all means, use the Sitting Pretty Halo Hair Extension.

It causes absolutely no damage at all, and it looks totally natural.

We receive feedback everyday from our customers about how our Halo Extensions have helped their hair back to its former glory.

They're amazing.

What to do:

  • Go shop our range of colours to find one that best suits you.
  • If you need a hand picking a colour or you need to ask a question, just email us on hello(at)sittingprettyhalohair(dot)com. We're happy to help.


Effectiveness rating:

  • 5/5 - If you're currently using hair extensions then the Halo Extension will save your hair!
  • 4/5 - If you're not using hair extensions then the Halo Hair will at least not cause any damage to your hair.



Remember what we talked about?

  • Pick 3.
  • Commit to them 100%.
  • Tag us in your before and after.

If you have any other tips or ideas please share them in the comment section below.



Written by Taryn

Taryn is an expert on all things hair. She's co-founder and Creative Director at Sitting Pretty.

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