Can I dye my halo hair extensions?

It's a question we get every now and then, but a tricky one to answer.

Our halos are made from premium quality human Remy hair.

If you've done your research, you may have read that Remy human hair extensions can be dyed, unlike synthetic hair extensions.

However, we recommend you READ THIS if you're considering dying you Remy human hair extensions.

Why you need to be cautious colouring Remy hair extensions

While you can technically colour Remy hair extensions, it's important to understand that the results can be inconsistent.

Although our hair is premium quality Remy human hair, each halo will be different as each one comes from a different hair donor.

The hair goes through a series of chemical processes to get them to the colour and quality they are when you receive them, and so colouring them after this doesn’t always warrant consistent results.

We've seen halos coloured perfectly, but unfortunately, we've also seen colour and toner come out patchy and ruin the hair.

It also depends on the brand and the ingredients of the dye or toner used.

Some brands of colour work better than others.

We know that Evo Hair works great for colour toning the Halo.

However if you plan to use a different brand, make sure to do a test patch first on an area of the halo that is hidden, but more importantly, make sure your stylist has successfully used that brand of colour on Remy hair extensions before.

Can I tone my halo hair extensions?

Yes, we only recommend toning your halo one or two shades darker.

If you’re going to use professional colours and toners, make sure the halo is wet (not washed) before applying them.

This will help it glide on for a more even result.

A warning for blondes:

Using blue shampoo on the halo can sometimes be unpredictable.

We can only recommend the Evo Fabuloso blue shampoo which has been tested and has worked well.

Super strong toning shampoos like Fenola No Yellow are too harsh for the halo and have been known to cause uneven results.

Can I bleach my halo hair extensions?

Sorry, but this one is a hard no.

You can't bleach any hair extensions lighter (unless it's pure virgin hair).

This is because Remy hair is already chemically processed, so adding another chemical (the bleach) creates a different reaction that can affect the texture and quality of the hair.

Can I colour my halo ombre?

If needed, you can tone your halo one or two shades darker to create an ombre effect.

However if you're looking to just blend your halo with your dark roots, you might love this hair hack using root colouring spray on the halo.

Watch this easy trick for colouring your halo ombre here:

We have 17 halo shades, all made with a multi-strand colouring system which makes our halo colours more versatile.

For example, our Beige Blonde 613 can blend with a variety of different blonde hues that fit in the category of a classic, golden blonde.

So most women will find that one of our 17 halo hues will be the perfect blend for them.

If you do find that you really need to colour or tone your halo, make sure that you go to a trusted hair salon who has experience in colouring Remy hair extensions.

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Photo credit: @mareealexishair styling the THICK halo in col. Cream Blonde 20C.