The Highlights:
  • When checking hair extensions colours, always consider the lighting of the hair in the pictures and your own screen brightness.
  • Match your hair extensions colour to the ends of your own hair.
  • The best way to find the perfect match hair extensions colour is to check with us. Go and get a free colour match!

Hair extensions come with a long list of advantages, especially if you're using halo hair extensions. Thicker, volumised hair without damage? Sign us up.

But, they do come with the risk of looking unnatural if they don't match your natural hair colour. So, how do they end up looking 100% realistic? 

Cutting and styling is one thing, but finding your perfect shade is another. 

Below, we came up with a step-by-step guide to find your most natural-looking hair extensions colour.

    The Most Accurate Ways To Pick Your Best Hair Extensions Colour

    1. Look at the ends of your hair

    Your hair extensions are most noticeable at the ends of your hair, so this is where it's important for your hair and The Halo to blend seamlessly.

      If you've got darker roots, don't stress. Your own hair will sit on top of The Halo and practically cover it, so it won't look obvious. They'll blend in just fine!

      The main thing is that the ends match, like in the video below.


      Another option, which people with dark roots or ombré hair tend to go for, is getting their hairdresser to tone the roots of their Halo so it matches their natural regrowth.

      While it's not necessary, it's something you might want to do if, for example, you're a blonde with dark brown roots.

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      2. When in doubt, go lighter

      If you're in between two colours, it's best to opt for the lighter hue.

      This is because if your hair extensions arrive and it's slightly too light, you can easily tone them darker, but you can't bleach dark hair extensions lighter.

      Keep in mind, not all hair extensions can be coloured. This depends entirely on the quality of the hair.

      High quality hair extensions should have a multi-strand colouring system—the wefts include multiple coloured strands. It ensures that the hair extension colour isn't flat, but multidimensional, just like your own hair!

      For example, The Halo is made from ProGrade Remy Hair and has been through a series of chemical processes to seal in the hair's colour and smooth texture. So, applying bleach to the hair is a big no-no, and can risk ruining your halo hair extension.

      However, dyeing it darker is no problem. You can watch this video for a fool-proof way on how to colour your hair extensions:

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      3. Triple check the hair extensions colour before buying

      So, you're scrolling through our Instagram and you've found a photo that looks like it could be your best hair extensions colour.

      Hold on.

      Before you add it to your cart, we strongly suggest cross-referencing your colour match to make sure it's 100% perfect for you.

      After all, when The Halo arrives we want it to be your hair's perfect match and true love.

      It's important to consider that photos of Sitting Pretty Halos will be taken in various lights, which makes the colour vary.

      For example, sometimes our Light Brown Halo Hair Extensions can look darker in a photo taken indoors, and a lot warmer and lighter in natural light, as you can see below:

      halo hair extensions in colour light brown

      Another instance is that the same colour can look completely different, depending on who's wearing it.

      Below, both women are wearing the Beige Blonde/Dark Blonde Blend. However, on the left, Holly's natural hair is a darker blonde with highlights. When her hair sits on top of the halo it makes our Beige Blonde/Dark Blonde Blend look darker than it actually is.

      On the right you can see how the Beige Blonde/Dark Blonde Blend looks true to colour.

      how to choose hair extensions colour

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      4. Reference the photos on our website

      When you click on a halo colour on our website, you'll find examples of different girls wearing that same shade.

      This is so you can get to know the halo colour better, and see how it looks on different girls and in different lighting.

      Once you've looked through those photos, you'll have a better idea of what is true to colour, and your good hair days are only a click away.

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      5. Ask us

      The best way to ensure you've chosen the right colour is by messaging us on Facebook, Instagram, or email at Here's how to get a FREE hair extensions colour match:

      • Send us a couple of photos of your hair that look most true to your hair colour.
      • Take the photos in natural light (but not direct sunlight) to most accurately capture the colour of your hair.
      • Make sure the photo includes the ends of your hair, because as you already know, this is the most important part for us to colour match correctly.

      We also like to know what your hair goals are when you get in touch so that we can recommend the right halo thickness for your hair too.

      Are you after more volume? Or volume and a little more length? Or a whole lot of extra volume and length?

      Once we have all this information, our team of experts will tell you exactly which Sitting Pretty Halo will bring your hair dreams to reality.

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      How To Match Hair Extensions With Highlights

      Got sun-kissed hair, thanks to highlights? No problem. You can still use The Halo with highlights and it will look oh-so-natural.

      For the best blending results, match The Halo to the lightest of the highlights and pick from one of our two-toned Halo hair extensions: Beige Blonde + Dark Blonde Blend 613/10Ash Blonde + Light Brown Blend 18/6Dark Blonde + Light Brown Blend 10/6

      Alternatively, you can ask your hairdresser to add some lowlights into your Halo to emulate your natural hair.

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