Wondering why everyone is raving about the Halo?

Here's the deal:

We're all girls that want beautiful, long, thick hair.

And we want it ASAP.

But we also like it when hair is low maintenance.

That's why you'll love our Sitting Pretty Halo hair extensions.

Because our Halo gives you your dream hair, without the drama.

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What makes the Halo the best type of hair extension?

There are so many pros to using our Sitting Pretty Halo.

If you're a girl who loves instant results and high quality...

Without breaking the bank...

You'll soon realise why our Halo is the best investment for your hair.

In this infographic below, you'll discover the top 7 reasons girls love our Sitting Pretty Halo hair extensions:

why halo hair extensions are the best type of hair extension

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Transcript from the Infographic:

Hair extensions have always been a great option for rocking different hairstyles. They aren't everyone's go-to accessory, though, because some types can be extremely damaging to the natural hair. But not the halo. The halo is so different, it has become the leading choice in hair extensions. Here are 7 good reasons why you should get them.

Reason #1: Quick & Easy Use

Halo hair extensions won't keep you in the salon for hours for the application or retightening of clips. They literally sit on top of your head like a halo, and they take about 30 seconds to apply and 10 seconds to remove.

Reason #2: Wide Style Variety

These extensions come in a variety of hair colours, making it easy to find one that matches your own. They also come in multiple hair lengths and textures, making it even easier to style according to your needs.

Reason #3: Instant Volume Boost

They don't just provide length, they offer a huge amount of volume boost, too. The hair quality in these human hair extensions is so good, they can be trimmed or layered to create movement or blend in even more with your hair.

Reason #4: No Commitment

Unlike traditional hair extensions that require taping, gluing or weaving, halo hair extensions are completely commitment-free. They attach around your head with a barely visible wire and comfortably slide down just under the occipital bone.

Reason #5: Zero Damage

And because they require no tools or chemicals and offer so much flexibility, they cause absolutely no damage to your natural hair. No tapes, no clips, no glue; just hair, sitting prettily on top of your head.

Reason #6: Time & Money-Saving

Halo hair extensions don't require time-consuming and expensive salon visits to fix and maintain them. They are a one-off investment that pays off big time, as the hair lasts longer than any other on the market.

Reason #7: 100% Natural

They are made from 100% Remy human hair, the highest quality hair available. And when you use human hair, you can treat it like your own and colour or blow-dry it, giving you more opportunities to style it however you want.

So now you know:

Having the perfect hair doesn't have to be difficult.

And even better:

It doesn't have to cost you time, money, or hair damage.

Having your dream hair can be as effortless as putting on your Sitting Pretty Halo Hair and enjoying longer, thicker hair whenever you like.

To find out more about our Sitting Pretty Halo, watch the videos here

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