This month we've been toiling with three products from the French Girl range.

What's French Girl? Glad you asked.

"French Girl is a line of luxury organic, vegan skin and body care products, inspired by France and made in the U.S.A." - French Girl

It's the talk of the town.

Is it good? Should you try? Let me give you the downlow and you can decide for yourself.

French Girl Facial Oil Elixir

French Girl Facial Oil Elixir

There are a lot of oils on the market. And I haven't tried them all. But I've tried enough to know that the FG Facial Oil Elixir is worth the attention.

The whole thing is brilliant.

From the experience of the eyedropper to distribute droplets of oil, to the tantalizing aromas of jojoba, rosehip, blue chamomile and frankincense, and the stunning yet understated design of the bottle.

Few oil products I've used have made me feel like it's actually nourishing my skin. But the Facial Elixir Oil does all of that and more.

It is one of a kind.

French Girl Creme Fraiche (not the eating kind)

If you want a moisturiser that keeps your skin feeling supple and dewey (I do) then this is ideal. Once applied it leaves you with the feeling that it's slowly seeping into your pores.

One negative is that over time (several hours) it does tend to start feeling a bit oily. So if I put it on the night before I'll wake up in the morning feeling like a grease-face. This is not the experience I look for in a moisturiser.

But I can live with that and I tend to use it every second day instead.

French Girl Cleansing Wash

French Girl Cleansing Wash

The Cleansing Wash hits the perfect balance between 'gentle' and 'cleansing'.

I often find cleansers make my skin feel tight right after using them, but the FG Cleansing Wash leaves a light remnants of jojoba and rosehip oil that keeps your skin feeling soft, smooth and elastic.

Even my boyfriend has taken to using the Cleanser during shower time, and trust me that says a lot.

In addition to stunning design and delectable scents, these products are also 100% vegan, organic and botanical. And they're available for purchase at Mecca.

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