Move over big booty b*%<#'s, because we want big brows.

If you have been personally victimised by the '90s and a pair of tweezers, fret not.

We are teaching you how to grow eyebrows back fast.

From natural home remedies for eyebrow growth to the best brow serums, Imma help your brows go from sharpie to shaggy in no time.

How long does it take to grow your eyebrows back?

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The '90s and early 2000s were a dark time for fashion and brows, so how to grow your eyebrows back fast, may be different for everyone.

So be patient when it comes to growing your brows, as it is better to do it right than it is to do it too fast.

I'm not saying you're doomed to bad brows forever, but it can take between four and six months for them to reach their full growth potential.

This is why, when trying to grow brows fast, it is essential to take care of and nurture the hair follicles just like the hair on your head.

So how to grow brows fast you ask?

There are many ways you can turn you thin-hairs into thick Insta-worthy bushy brows in just a few months.

Do serums help eyebrows grow fast?

Eyebrow growth fast

Serums are seriously the biggest buzzword in beauty RN.

And for some excellent reasons.

Not only are they fab for your skin and can revolutionise your makeup routine, but they can also help your eyebrows to grow fast too.

A good brow growth serum is probably one of the most effective ways to get the big bushy brows of your dreams.

While serums are currently flooding the beauty counters, it is important to note, that not all of these products are created equally.

So how to grow eyebrows back fast with serums and what brow serum is best?

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this.

But a good tip when choosing a brow serum is to look for one with peptides.

These are unique chemical compounds that aid in hair growth.

Serums that no not contain peptides rely solely on essential oils which only aid in strengthing the hair you already have, rather than promoting new hair growth.

Home remedies to grow eyebrows back fast.

Eyebrow growth fast

While serums and other store-bought methods can be beneficial for eyebrow growth, home remedies can also work wonders when it comes to growing eyebrows back fast.

Believe it or not, some of the best bushy brow ingredients can be found right in your pantry!

Here are a few of my fave home remedies for eyebrow growth.

Does vaseline help eyebrows grow back fast?

Eyebrow growth fast

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Vaseline is one of the most inexpensive and versitile accidental beauty staples around.

Whether you've used in as makeup remover, emergency lip gloss or an eyeshadow premier, everyone has vaseline beauty hack, and mine is how to grow your eyebrows fast!

This tip is best for those of us who are already blessed with naturally full brows but, who struggle to grow their brows to their full thickness potential.

(think, if you're still reaping the repercussions of over plucking)

Vaseline helps to strengthen the hair you already have by locking in moisture and keeping your brows hydrated.

It also helps to keep the skin under and around your brows clean and healthy, creating a more optimum environment for hair growth.

However, vaseline does not promote new hair growth; instead, it nurtures the hair you already have and allows it to reach its full thickness potential.

Using a cotton tip, apply a small amount of vaseline to your brows every night before bed.

Be careful not to spread too much of this on the surrounding skin as it clogs your pores and leads to potential breakouts.

Repeat every night, and you should begin to see results with two weeks.

Castor oil for fast eyebrow growth

Eyebrow growth fast

Castor oil is kinda like coconut oil's older, more academic cousin.

Where coconut oil likes a bev on the beach, you can find castor oil in the corner of a cafe sipping a long black and reading Normal People by Sally Rooney.

What the two do have in common, however, is that they both promote hair growth.

So how does castor oil help your eyebrows grow back fast?

Well, it contains ricinoleic acid, a chemical compound proven to help stimulate hair growth.

So where other home eyebrow growth methods, such as vaseline, may help to strengthen your already existing hair, castor oil helps to grow new hair.

To use castor oil to grow your eyebrows faster, firstly ensure the castor oil you have contains ricinoleic acid (this is found in 90 per cent of castor oils, but better safe than thin browed).

Also, make sure you have selected pure castor oil that has not been blended with any additives that could potentially irritate your skin.

Clean your brows, making sure they're makeup-free and apply the oil straight to your brows every night before bed using a spoolie.

Be careful to ensure the oil does not come into contact with your eyes and rinse immediately with cold water if it does.

In the morning, gently clean the oil away using a washcloth.

You should see results within seven to ten days.

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Grow your eyebrows faster with coconut oil

eyebrow growth fast

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While she may be the younger, more outgoing cousin of castor oil, coconut oil is undoubtedly reliable when it comes to boosting brow growth.

Numerous studies have proven that coconut oil helps to promote hair growth as well as repairing damaged hair follicles.

So, how to grow eyebrows fast with coconut oil, you ask?

The method is very similar to castor oil.

Apply coconut oil to clean dry brows using a spoolie, rinse and repeat every night.

You may see results a little faster using this method as the coconut oil will help to repair damaged hair follicles as well as stimulating new hair growth.

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Grow eyebrows fast with Aloe Vera

Eyebrow growth fast

Say aloe'ha to big bushy unkept brows straight outta your insta-feed with this eyebrow growth hack.

Aloe vera is actually one of the most effective substances when it comes to promoting brow growth.

Aloe vera's chemical makeup is very similar to the salon-wonder product, keratin.

This means you can rejuvenate and regrow your locks without the hefty salon price tag.

But, how to grow your eyebrows fast with aloe vera you ask?

Very easily.

Firstly, peel off the outer leaf of the aloe and scoop the gel out.

Massage the gel into your eyebrows till it gets absorbed, repeat this up to three times per day for the fastest results.

Store the rest of the aloe in the refrigerator for repeated use.

Eat Right to get bushy brows

Eyebrow growth fast

Abs, thick hair, clear skin and even thick brows are all made in the same mythical kitchen.

I think it's a hoax, I spend most of my time in my kitchen (eating Nutella straight from the jar) and I am still yet to find any abs!

But, fortunately, I have found that what I eat has a massive impact on the health and appearance of my hair, including my brows.

While this works fast, it isn't exactly a quick fix.

To maintain the results, you will need to commit to ditching the Ubereats and drive-throughs for a bit.

So which foods are best to grow brows fast?

Foods which are full of proteins, fatty acids and vitamins will help nourish hair follicles repairing your hair while promoting new hair growth.

These can be found in high concentrations in lemon, coconut oil, olive oil, onions, egg yolk and milk.

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Drink H20

eyebrow growth fast


Drinking water is the key to so many things.

**Sips third ice coffee for the morning.

As well as clear, glowing skin and healthy insides, h20 is also excellent for your hair.

Healthy hydrated skin is essential for healthy hair growth.

Drinking your eight glasses a day keeps your body detoxed and helps to rid it of all the nasties.

I'm looking at you fourth happy hour espresso martini!

As well as drinking water, another way to hydrate your brows is to moisturise the skin around them.

This area often gets neglected. However, you should pay careful attention to it.

When applying your moisturiser, bring it all the way up to skin under and around your brow, being careful not to get the product in the actual hair.

Which brings us to...

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Moisturiser and lotions can cause hair loss

grow eyebrows back fast


While moisturiser is magic for your skin, it should be kept out of your hair at all costs.

This is why you need to be very light handed when moisturising around your brows.

Excess moisturiser can get caught in your hair and block your pores.

This not only causes breakage and inhibits hair growth but also causes your brows to look greasy and dull.

So to keep your brow game strong, keep the moisturiser out of there!