You've heard of silk pillowcases.

And you've heard they're amazing. Now you're intrigued.

And rightly so.

Here are five science-based reasons why the silk slip should be the newest member of your beauty routine.

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Silk pillowcases


1. Your cotton pillowcase hates your face. It's science.

I kid.

But seriously, cotton is a coarse material.

And when you put that gorgeous face of yours on a cotton pillowcase and endure eight hours of headspins, there's a serious amount of friction on your face.

So, it's no wonder why you wake up some mornings looking like 90's Cher.

That constant rubbing on your skin can cause inflammation and breakouts. especially if you have sensitive skin.

Cotton cases also absorb moisture from your skin, leaving your face feeling dry and potentially aging faster.

On the other hand,

Silk pillowcases are dermatologically proven to absorb less moisture and cause less between your skin and the material.

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silk pillowcase

2. Get rid of cotton, and grow your hair

As you're tossing and turning at night your hair gets intertwined in the fibres of your cotton case.

And when you move, your hair twists, knots up, splits and worse yet; breaks or pulls out altogether!

You won't have this issue with a silk pillowcase. Silk is soft and gentle (trust me, I'm using one now and I'll never go back).

When I got mine, the first thing I noticed when I woke up is I didn't look like I had been electrocuted. Instead, my hair looks more or less the way it did the night before - curls intact. Which is nice.

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silk pillowcase


3. Are you allergic to your pillow?

Cotton is a bad person because he was treated badly.

He was grown inorganically. He was washed with toxic chemicals.

Then they dyed him with harsh colouring agents.

It's no lie that toxic chemicals and colouring agents can cause harm to our bodies. But what you should really consider is the cumulative effect over time.

It's like smoking. Do it once. Nothing happens (cough).

But do it over 50 years. Now you're breathing through a straw, and probably still smoking.

Imagine the impact your asshole cotton case might be having over time :) ok so it's probably not as bad as smoking. But why risk it?

Silk is made by silkworms. And these worms are pampered like little queens to make sure they're producing a steady supply of quality silk.

It's hypo-allergenic. And it'll treat you just right.

So, over to you. Have you tried a silk pillowcase yet? If not, why?

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Silk Pillowcases@slipsilkpillowcase

4. Wake up frizz-free sleeping on a silk pillowcase

When it comes to combating frizzy locks, there is nothing better than a silk pillowcases.

(have mentioned, they're also a super chic bedroom styling choice.)

As mentioned above, cotton bedding draws moisture out of your hair causing it to become dehydrated.

Which, as we know, dehydration is the enemy of silky smooth locks.

Silk pillowcases fight frizz by helping your hair retain moisture.

Silk is also a friction-free material that allows your hair to glide and move freely over the pillowcase while you sleep.

Meaning less snagging and damage which, as you've probably guessed, means less frizz.

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Slik Pillowcases


5. Sleep on silk to go au natural

There is nothing more #ontrend RN than #natural beauty, but did you know by sleeping on cotton bedding you could be exposing yourself to chemical while you sleep?

Many materials are made from chemically invasive crops and chemically treated before making their way into your boudoir.

Silk pillowcases, in contrast, are produced with very little chemical exposure and are a far more natural bedding choice.

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