We all took a collective sigh of relief when the balayage ombre hair trend erupted. Finally, an excuse to embrace regrowth and call it stylish.

As a girl who's all about low-maintenance (duh, that's why we made our halo hair extensions) I'm all about balayage hair.

But, searching for the best hair extensions for balayage hair is hard.

All you want is more hair volume.

Yet the perfect colour match is hard to come by.

You want a quick and easy way to get thicker, longer hair.

But you're not willing to settle for those balayage clip-in extensions that look a little too fake.

You want your hair to look natural, even with extensions. So do we.

I've got good news for you, girl.

You're on the right website.

Our Halo hair extensions are proven to blend effortlessly with balayage hair.

In this article, I'm going to show you:

  • Before and after pictures of balayage hair using our Halo hair extensions.
  • Tips on how to choose the right Halo colour for your balayage.
  • How to style Halo hair extensions to achieve the perfect balayage blend with your Halo.

Why is the Halo the best hair extension for balayage?

The halo hair extensions are the best hair extension for balayage, and any colour dyed hair, because:

Halos are the only hair extensions that don't damage your hair.

Here's the bottom line:

Colouring your hair always comes at a cost.

  • Dry hair.
  • Split ends.
  • Breakage.

All the stuff that gets in the way of us having the luscious, healthy hair we deserve.

There are a million hair masks, serums and conditioners claiming to bring your hair back to life. And they can, over time.

But if you're as impatient as me and you just want amazing, thick hair, like right now, then our halo hair extensions are what you need.

blonde balayage after halo hair extensions

So, why won't the Halo damage my hair like other extensions?

Most extensions are attached to the roots of your own hair.

This means every time you wear extensions with clips, beads or glue, your hair roots are getting pulled down by the weight of the hair extensions.

Your hair extensions may not feel heavy to you.

But for your hair, it doesn't take much for your hair follicles to weaken.

Eventually, your hair will start falling out more.

That's not what we need when our aim is to get more hair...

On the other hand:

Our Halo sits on your head, not your hair.

It fits snug on your head with adjustable wires.

Which means your hair follicles are free to grow and strengthen while you enjoy thick hair.

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How to choose the best Halo hair extensions colour for your balayage:

Here's what you need to know...

All Halo hair extensions should be colour matched with the ends of your hair.

For example, let's look at this gorgeous balayage brunette ombre in the picture below. Here roots are dark brown.

If she chose the Dark Brown Halo, the rest of her hair won't blend. At all. She'll risk having chunks of dark brown showing through her balayage.

However, if she chooses the Light Brown Halo, her balayage ends will be a perfect match. It won't matter that her halo doesn't match her roots.

Our halo hair extensions would sit underneath hair hair. Her dark roots will cover the top of the halo, disguising her extensions.

You can see here how natural the Light Brown Halo blends in with her balayage. You wouldn't know she was wearing a Sitting Pretty Halo if I didn't tell you ;)

Shop the Light Brown Halo here

dark to light brown balayage with halo hair extensions

What if I have highlights? Can I still use the Halo with my balayage?

Of course.

If you have highlights and you're really unsure of what Halo colour to order, hit us up on Insta.

DM us with a clear picture of your hair (in good lighting) and we will help you colour match.

To get started, click here.

Once you've ordered your Halo, if you feel like you need a bit more blending happening, it's as easy as bringing your Halo to your next hair appointment.

Yes, you can colour your Halo!

Our Halos are made of 100% Remy human hair.

So no problems adding highlights, or giving your Halo the full balayage treatment.

You might be wondering:

How do I know if I will need to colour my Halo?

Generally, you won't.

If your balayage is very gradual, like dark to light brown, or dark to light blonde, your Halo should be fine as is.

Even dark brown to blonde balayage will usually work with our Dark Blonde and Light Brown blend Halo.

There are only two reasons you may need to colour your Halo:

1. You've got ombre balayage, you're hair is on the thin side, and you want to add a lot of length to your hair. Depending on where your ombre starts, you might need to balayage your Halo too.

blonde before and after balayage with halo hair extensions

2. Your hair has highlights, and you want to use the Halo to create a balayage ombre look at the very ends of your hair.

balayage halo hair extensions short to long before and after pictures

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How to style Halo hair extensions for short hair with balayage:

Here are some pictures for my short hair babes.

And babes who want more volume.

See how our Halos hair extensions can blend with any balayage hair.

While giving you longer, thicker locks...

before and after thicker balayage hair with halo hair extensions

Before and After: Wearing the FINE Halo in Dark Blonde + Light Brown.

balayage halo hair extensions before and after pictures

Before and After Thin Hair: This babe's transformation with her Halo hair extensions is amazing! She wears the FINE Halo in Beige Blonde + Dark Blonde.

brown balayage before and after halo hair extensions

Before and After: Wearing the MEDIUM Halo in Light Brown.

balayage with halo hair extensions before and after

Before and After: Wearing the MEDIUM Halo in Dark Blonde + Light Brown.

before and after picture of brown balayage with halo hair extensions

Before and After: Wearing the MEDIUM Halo for a little extra length and thickness. Colour: Dark Blonde.

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