Here's one of the most frustrating things about having thin hair:

The ponytail struggle.

You see girls wearing these big, voluminous ponytails that just make their style look so cool.

Meanwhile the only places you're sporting a ponytail is at the gym or when you wash your face... sigh.

One of the things girls (and especially girls with thin hair) love most about having a Sitting Pretty Halo is:

They can finally enjoy rocking a long, thick ponytail!

How to create a thick ponytail for thin hair...

In the video below, Chelsea gets her hairstylist to cut and style her Medium halo to blend with her natural hair, adding more volume and length.

Next, her hair is curled and styled in a gorgeous low pony.

Watch the video for some amazing tips on creating natural loose waves, and styling the ponytail for maximum volume.

Halo colour: Beige Blonde 613

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How to create a ponytail with natural looking waves:

  1. Separate your hair into two sections - top and bottom.
  2. Curl your hair in small sections, making sure you curl all pieces of hair in the same direction.
  3. Lightly run a straightener over the curl to flatten the curls slightly. Move the straightener in the shape of the curl so that the curl still keeps it's wave.
  4. Let the curls cool, then collect your hair into a ponytail and tie with a strong hair tie. Leave one strand of hair out of the ponytail, and wrap that strand around your hair tie to cover it. Secure with a bobby pin.

Tips for creating a thick ponytail with thin hair:

  • Use textured powder on your natural hair. This will help create more volume at the top of your hair.
  • You can also tease the top of your hair underneath for extra volume.
  • Keep your hair looking wavy and tousled, as this will naturally double the volume of your hair - even with the halo!

For more tips on creating ponytails with our Sitting Pretty Halo, read this.

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