Whether you’ve been planning your wedding guestlist all year or you’re just days post-engagement (congrats!), I’m sure you’ve been deep in the bride hairstyle Pinterest boards.

And the options are seem endless, don't they!

While we can’t provide every single bride hairstyle in the world, we’ve been scouring the most popular wedding day ‘dos to give you a round up of the best trending styles to consider for your big day!

And what little tips will make these, and other styles, that extra bit of gorgeous.

These 10 bride hairstyles are perfect for the bride that wants the 200+ guest venue and the one that just wants a sweet visit to town hall. Here’s how to give hair its big day too.

Need more hair to fill out our favourite hairstyles? Check out halo hair extensions.

 The Highlights:
  • Bridal hairstyles for long hair: Soft Part with Big Soft Waves, Middle Part with Messy Textured Waves, Straight with Sleek Front, Messy Boho Braid, and Textured Bridal Side Braid
  • Bridal hairstyles done half up: Half Up Bridal Braid and Bridget Bardot Half Up
  • Bridal hairstyles for medium hair: Textured Milkmaid Braid, Classic Chic Bun Twist, and Messy Low Bridal Knot
  • For easier styling, prep wedding day hair on unwashed hair; you should also always use a halo hair extension to help with thickness, and texturising spray to hold your style.
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Bridal Hairstyles: Long Hair

Having long hair doesn’t always mean thick hair. So to make any hair down bridal hairstyle look its luscious best, we highly recommend adding halo hair extensions to give you and your stylist much more dreamy hair to work with.

1. Soft Part with Big Soft Waves

Done yet undone. Simple, yet effective. These loose, blown out curls are one of the best options for those looking for a timeless and low maintenance hair down bridal hairstyle. And made even better with a halo if you need more thickness to ends.

Plus, this is one you can definitely achieve yourself if you’re looking to DIY your bridal hairstyles! There’s lots of ways to achieve this from heatless curling the night before to using heated tools like curling irons and hot rollers.

Find what works for you, but definitely add a volumising mousse or salt spray to hold those big, soft waves on this bridal style.

Top tip: this is also a great option for bridesmaids’ hair if you’re doing a more intricate or show-stopping style on yourself. Flanked by bridesmaids with a soft curl, this’ll complement and make your own ‘do stand out while being a flattering option for just about anyone.

2. Middle Part with Messy Textured Waves

Another hair down bridal hairstyle, this look is a modern twist on the classic brushed-out, more Hollywood waves we saw in Look 1! Here, we take this popular bridal hairstyle for long hair and modernise it with messy texture.

Equally timeless and easy to achieve, this bridal hairstyle really complements long tresses. Plus, a center part perfectly frames the face and centers your dress as the main attraction.

A must-do for this style is definitely spritzing salt spray or other texturising products to hold the texture and give hair some grit. Thin or fine hair will definitely want a halo for this one.

3. Straight with Sleek Front

Who says all bride hairstyles have to be with curls! Following the likes of lavish celebrity weddings, this long straight hairstyle has gained serious attention on just about every wedding vision board.

What’s also great about this style is that if you have bangs, but don’t want them to be a part of your bride hairstyle, this pushes them behind your ears and highlights your face.

And! This hairstyle has some nice, subtle volume in the back crown that makes this style look more elevated than simply down and straight.

4. Messy Boho Braid

For brides that want a show-stopper braid, this gently messy boho braid is a beautiful option for long hair.

Love this, but don’t think you have the hair for it? That’s where your halo comes in handy for the much-needed thickness and length this style requires!

Depending your styling chops, you could have your stylist prepare this or do it yourself. What makes it an easy DIY option is that its messiness leaves room for free-flowing pieces so you don’t have to be perfect or tight with how you style.

For guaranteed success, be sure to prep on unwashed hair. If your hair is too clean, especially in a braid, updos will seldom work! There’s tons of great reasons to wash your hair less, and having your wedding day hair look its best is one of them.

5.Textured Bridal Side Braid

For another bride hairstyle that turns a classic to a little more casual, this boho side braid is perfectly messy, textured, and chill for a garden wedding or that town hall appointment.

It’s also a really good option for those looking for bridal hairstyles with curls. Curly hair pairs well with styles that have lots of loose pieces; such as a messy braid or a side pony if you want something that’s not simply down or all up.

To do this yourself, add a curl defining cream to naturally curly hair OR add your own heat-styled curls to loose pieces once hair is done.

For the braid, it’s quite simple: start halfway or just on ends and braid to one direction; leaving a bit of looseness throughout.

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Bridal Hairstyles: Half Up

Never out of style, bridal hairstyles done half up are one of the most beloved wedding ‘dos. They frame the face, they feel like an up-do, and they help make hair look extra full even when you weren’t naturally gifted.

For hair that’s quite fine, you’ll definitely want to add a halo here for healthy-looking density near your roots and full gap coverage to ends. Make this a bride hairstyle with curls and you’ve got a winner.

6. Half Up Bridal Braid

Want a braid? Want hair down? Want hair up? This is your best bet to scratch all itches.

I think a huge reason this style has gained so much traction in recent years is for how amazing it looks from all angles. The lush braid paired with the curled back promises you’ll love every photo; even the ones taken from the back and the far sides of your seating arrangements.

Top tip: as usual, but especially true for braided styles, grab that sea salt spray to hold in your braid on top. Also, add extra bobby pins throughout to keep it secure and off your mind all night long.

7. Bridget Bardot Half Up

I think we can thank the popularity of blowout bars for bringing Bridget Bardot’s style to the 21st century. With billowy curls, curtain bangs, and lots of volume throughout this is one of those triple threat bride hairstyles.

This half up style is also one of the easier ones to achieve if you’re looking to DIY your wedding day beauty. Firstly, grab a halo to give that Bardot glow of hair health. Once your halo is placed you’ll want to tease your crown and add a lot of hairspray.

Although back brushing is a big no-no for day to day styling, special events like, uh, a whole wedding, is one we’ll allow it for. Then, gently pin up however much hair you’d like; all done very loosely to give that effortless volume.

Also! If you’re looking for bridal hairstyles for medium hair, this is a really good option too. More on those below!

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Bridal Hairstyles: Medium Hair

You don’t need longer hair to do super complex or full bride hairstyles! Medium hair, especially filled out with a halo, is often an ideal length for most hairstyles (and can even cost you less if you’re hiring a stylist!)

Medium hair will fall around your clavicle or mid-chest. For shorter than this, pop into our Hairstyles For Short-Haired Brides article.

8. Textured Milkmaid Braid

This milkmaid braid updo has come in, out, and back in as a crowd favourite bride hairstyle. Perfect for keeping your hair off your dress, but framing and extenuating the face at the same time.

This sweet and modern style allows for any type of dress to work with this hairstyle as well as wedding theme and style.

Create this yourself by parting hair down the center from front to back, as if you’re creating pigtails. And then, just braid ends while being sure the base of your braids is positioned in a way it can face forward.

Tip: tilt head slightly forward and down to gravity does most of this positioning work!

Once both braids are done and tied at ends, you place them towards the front/top of your head and form a headband. Then just pin down all over between braids to hide pesky (but necessary!) pins.

9. Classic Chic Bun Twist

This style is the even more elegant sister to the bridal low bun, keeping hair away from the face and using selected pieces to delicately frame. Especially gorgeous when paired with minimal dresses and backless styles.

For those looking for bridal hairstyles in medium hair, you may find you need a LITTLE more length with this one. For that, go for a 16’’ halo that give just a couple extra inches of length to mid-length hair.

Because there’s a fair bit of twisting and pinning here, you don’t want a one-size-fits-all extension like clip-ins that just add a ton of length. And for an updo like this, you’ll want volumising extensions like halos to give your bun some oomph.



10. Messy Low Bridal Knot

This bridal hairstyle offers a great balance between boho and elegant that works for a wide range of wedding styles. It’s super carefree, but with the right stylist, this simple messy bun knot can look intricate and regal.

With so many pieces to pin and curl with this hairstyle, I think it’s best to leave updos to the professionals. They’ll be able to both secure and pull the best pieces that ensure this look doesn’t look more undone than done.

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Our Biggest Bride Hairstyle Tips

If you brushed past some styles and missed some important tips, I’ve rounded them up below!

  1. For any length or hair density, you should use a halo hair extension from your wedding day. Why? It gives volume AND length depending the weight and length you grab. Guaranteed, most wedding photos you’ve been eyeing for your vision board use hair extensions on the brides!
  2. Use a texturising spray! Hairspray can only get you so far where salt sprays and other texturising products help hair become gritty and hold their own style. This is crucial for braids and updos!
  3. Don’t wash your hair! Clean hair won’t hold style or volume as well as day two or day three unwashed hair. When you go to a stylist for the first time for your wedding day hair trial, do NOT go in with squeaky clean hair because it’ll just fall flat.


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