call us bias but,

Halo hair extensions are absolutely better than clip-ins.


Actually, it's not even biased.

It's just straight up facts.

There a so many reasons Halo hair extensions are better than clip-ins.

For real, we could be here all day.


Whether it's versatility, affordability, durability, or so so much more, Halo hair extensions have all the "ilitys" you need to make your hair dreams come true.

If you're not convinced, I have rounded up a few of the main reasons Halo hair extensions are better than clip-ins.

And... all other hair extensions.

Big call, but I can back it up.

Check it.

are halo hair extenions better than clip ins blonde woman wearing halo hair extensions

@makeupbyameliawebb wears the Medium Halo in Col. Beige Blonde #613

8 Reasons Halo Hair Extensions Are Better Than Clip-ins:

1. Easy as 1,2, 3.

Simple as Doh, Re, Mi.

Actually putting the Halo on only requires two steps, but easy as one, two, simple as doh, doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it?

What I'm saying is, one of the main reasons Halo hair extensions are better than Clip-ins is their installation process.

Halo hair extensions, unlike their clip-in counterparts, are incredibly easy to put on.

Clip-ins can be like trying to assemble a 500 all one colour piece puzzle while drunk.

Or maybe I'm just really bad at putting them in... and puzzles.

But I don't think so.

The Halo features a singular wheft of hair attached to a secure nylon wire which sits atop of your head like, well, a Halo.

This means no having to separate your hair or remember which clip goes where continuously.

Just one piece of hair, which yields the same, nay, better results than clip-in hair extensions.

With just a single accessory you can get longer, thicker and more natural-looking locks than any clip-ins can offer.

To put Halo hair extensions on all you do is separate your hair into a top knot (this step is optional) place the Halo on your head and push it down until it sits firmly under your occipital bone.

(The small round bone at the back of your head just above the nape of your neck).

Are Halo Hair Extensions better than Clip-ins halo hair extensions for blondes

The MEDIUM Halo in col. Beige Blonde #613

Secure the velcro clips, if you're using them, and let your hair down.

Use a comb to pull pieces of hair over the wire until it is completely covered.

Style however you like.

Easy as one, two, simple as doh.

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See how to put Halo Hair Extensions on

2. No pain, lots of gain.

Do Clip-in hair extensions damage your hair?


Do Halo hair extensions damage your hair?

Absolutely not.

Did you know Halo hair extensions are the only hair extensions on the market which do ZERO damage to your hair?

Permanent hair extensions and especially clip-ins can wreak havoc on your precious hair, especially if it is thin or already fragile from heat and colour.

From heat bonding to adhesives and clamps, you probably get why permanent extensions can harm your hair.

But do you know why clip-ins cause just as much hurt?

Because they attached directly to your locks, often to the same place over and over again.

This puts pressure on your roots, which weakens your hair and results in hair loss.

If worn too many times, clip-in hair extensions even cause bald spots.

So you're actually causing yourself to lose hair while trying to make it look like you have more hair.

What a catch 22.

As I said above, Halo hair extensions sit atop of your head.

They do not attach to the hair itself, so your head wears the pressure rather than your strands.

Meaning no pulling.

No hair loss.


No damage at all!

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are halo hair extensions better than clip ins woman in dark blonde halo hair extensions

The Thick Halo in col. Dark Blonde #10 styled by @brittsully

3. Tik Tok on the clock.

Dj turn the music up...

Or the volume of your hair that is.

Sorry that reference may go over your head if your part of the TIK TOK app generation and not the Ke$ha era.

What I mean by Tik Tik on the clock is, that clip-ins can take ageesssss to put in.

And I don't know about you, but I got places to be...

That's a lie.

But I am lazy and impatient and do not F*#K with accessories that are hard to use and time-consuming.

Seriously, if it takes longer then 10 minutes to do, I ain't doing it.

Which is why I am a Halo hair devotee.

... And I'm not just saying that because they pay me money so I can eat food and online shop.

Sitting Prett Halo Hair extensions give you longer, thicker locks in seconds.

Seriously, did you watch the above video?

If not, go back and watch it and tell me I'm wrong.

Halo hair extensions are not just easier and quicker to put on than clip-ins, but they look better too.

Prove me wrong.

I'll fight you.

Are halos better than clip ins light brown halo hair extensions

The Thick Halo in Col. Light + Medium Brown #4/6.

4. Maximum hair, minimum effort.

So we've established a few things;

1. Halo Hair extensions are easier to put on than clip-ins.

2. Halo hair extensions are quicker to put on than clip-ins.

And 3. I'm lazy.

So, let's talk about maintenance.

While I try (LOL) to keep my standards for men high, I like my hair and beauty maintenance to be low.

Like I said if it takes longer than 10 minutes then,


But, I'm not actually talking about how long Halo hair extensions take to put in here, or how easy they are to style (more on that later.)

I'm talking about their maintenance.

And particularly their maintenance when compared to clip-ins.

Clip-in hair extensions require regular washing with gentle shampoo and conditioner.

In fact, it is recommended that you wash your clip-ins after every 5th wear using paraphen and sulphate free products.

Halo hair extensions, however only need washing once every 3-4 months or so depending on how often you wear them.

And, while you should use gentle, chemical-free products on your own hair, Halo hair extensions are actually the opposite.

Cheaper supermarket brands or other hair care products packed full of chemicals, or synthetic softeners are not only fine for Halo hair extensions, but they're also encouraged.

So no need to waste the good stuff!

In fact, the good stuff (anything organic) can cause Halo hair extensions harm.

Now don't fret if you're a Vegan or a greenie, there are plenty of products that can be kind your Halo, the environment and all the animals too.

In fact, we highly recommend Evo shampoo and conditioners, especially for blondes who want to take the brass out of their Halo.

But if you're shorter on cash or not so environmentally concerned, good old Pantene is A-OKAY.

are halo hair extensions better than clip ins

@mareealexhair wears the MEDIUM Halo in col. Cream Blonde 20C

5. Errydayyy.

Unlike clip-ins, Halo Hair extensions can be worn every day.

Wearing clip-ins too often is where most of the trouble comes from.

You lose hair every time you wear clip-ins.

So while wearing them once in a blue mood won't do a significant amount of damage, wearing them every day, or even weekly is very bad for your hair.

So even if you're just wearing your clip-ins out for bevs on the weekends, you're still causing your hair harm.

And if you wear your clip-ins every day, you're in serious danger of bald spots.


This is where the Halo comes in handy.

Well, this and about a billion other ways.

Halo hair extensions are so gentle that they can be worn every day without causing any damage to your hair.

They're also so comfy that you won't even remember you're wearing them.

Plus, as we have already established, they're quicker and easier to put on than clip-ins.

Which means if you're anything like me and only leave yourself 10 minutes to get ready before racing out the door, there's no need to rush away with bad hair.

Even if you only have two minutes to spare, you can still throw your Halo on and go.

Along with your fav keep cup, AirPods and chapsticks, Halo hair extensions are the ultimate accessories for the girl on the go (or us lazy ladies or girls who sleep through alarms).

We don't say daily effortless hair for no reason!

Halo hair extensions are literally effortless and perfect for daily use.

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are halo hair extensions better than clip-ins

@Jessicadover wears The Medium Halo in col. Medium Brown #4

6. Money, Money, Moneyyyy.

When it comes to clip-ins and all hair extensions for that matter, you get what you pay for.

Remember when we all thought those $30 clip-in hair extensions were such a great bargain?


Burn all the pictures.

We do not need to relive that tragedy.

Anyway, while there are top quality clip-ins, you are paying top dollar for them.

Which there is nothing wrong with if you have the means.

But, why pay more for better quality clip-ins when they are not as good as most Halo hair extensions on the market?

Even a mid-range Halo will serve you better and longer than a high priced set of clip-ins.

While Sitting Pretty is definitely the top tier when it comes to quality, our hair extensions are still affordable.

Especially when you consider they last longer, look more natural and are easier to maintain and use than clip-ins.

So why not hold on yo your extra coin and invest in Halo hair extensions instead?

Seriously, can you really put a price on great hair?


Yes, you can.

And Sitting Pretty's is a pretty damn reasonable one.

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are halo hair extensions better than clip ins

@millie1993 wears the Thick Halo in col. Light + Medium Brown #4/6

7. Comfy yet cute.

Clip-in hair feels like clip-in hair.





No more scratching your head trying to figure out a more comfy solution!

(and because clip-ins are itchy).

Halo hair extensions are what you're looking for.

Seriously, they're so lightweight and comfortable you'll forget you're wearing them.

The reasons Halo hair extensions are more comfortable that clip-ins is the same reason they don't damage your hair.


This is because Halos attach to your head instead of your hair.

This means no intrusive clips or heavily whefts hanging your head and pulling on your hair.

Just a single inconspicuous super light nylon wire sitting gently on top of your head.

It might take you second to get used to the feeling of having uber thick hair, but aside from that, wearing the Halo feels like wearing nothing.

Nothing at all.

... Stupid sexy Flanders!

Or should we say,

Stupid sexy you with your new super comfy, super thick hair.

light blonde halo hair extensions

@phoebekypreos wears the Thick Halo in col. Beige + Dark Blonde #613/10

8. Easy to style.

Should we sing our Jackson 5 remix again?

Easy one, two, thr----whatever style you want.

So not only are Halo hair extensions easier to put on that clip-is, but they're also easier to style.

If you've ever had clip-ins you know styling them is not easy because hiding the clips is not easy.

So unless you're particularly skilled at doing your own hair, then often your only styling option for clip-ins is curly.

Seriously, even straight hair shows the clips-on occasion.

Especially if your hair is thin.

We've all seen someone fall victim to visible hair extension clips.

Or have even been personally victimised by them.


And its anything but chic.

So how to avoid visible hair extension clips when styling your hair?


Avoid clip-in hair extensions altogether.

You may not know this, but your styling options with Halo hair extensions are much more extensive.

Whether you want to add volume, length or even create ombre, Halo hair extensions will make your hair styling dreams a reality.

And, as I've said many, many times, they're so easy to use!

So all of us hairstyling primitives can rejoice!

Seriously, look how easy it is to create the perfect ponytail using Halo hair extensions.

From big voluminous curls to beach waves, high or low ponytails, top-knots and messy buns, braids or sleek and straight, Halos can be used to boost any hairstyle.

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high bun with halo hair extesnions

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