How to cut bangs at home?



Cutting bangs at home can lead to some serious hair regret.

... and tears.

So it is best to avoid the DIY hair cuts at all cost.

Unless you know how to do it properly.

Which, thankfully, after years of drunken attempts and countless youtube tutorials, I am a DIY bangs expert.

Ya welcome.

May the odds be ever in your favour.


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Before any at-home hair endeavour, it is important to ensure you have the right equipment.

Before cutting your bangs at home, you'll need:






Before you begin hacking at your hair, you may want to do a little prep work.

Wash your locks using a clarifying and hydrating shampoo the night before and deep condition.

It would help if you also did a hydrating mask to minimise the appears <--? of dead ends.

Pro tip: for the best results when treating your hair use a shower cap once you have applied your mask and blow dry it for 5 minutes.

This activates the ingredients and helps them penetrate your strands even deeper.

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How To Cut Bangs At Home In 8 Simple Steps

Step 1: Put Away The Wine

If you're anything like me, the urge to cut your bangs at home often follows a few glasses of red.

But you should say pinot NO to that idea.

The drunken DIY hair cut never ends well.

Trust me!

So now that you've sobered up if you still think cutting your bangs is a good idea let's get into the real how-to.

Step 1: Find Your Zone

And I don't mean inner peace.

Trust me cutting bangs at home is anything but calming.

By zone, I mean find where you'll be cutting.

There is nothing worst than a misplaced snip.

And I mean nothing.

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To figure out where to start snipping part your hair from the arch of one brow to the other.

You won't want to go any wider than that, or you'll end up with more of a mullet situation.

Pull the hair forward and tie the rest back, so it's out of the way.

Step 2: Peace out and pout

Well, the pouting is optional, but just like all your Instagram pictures, the peace sign is a must.

What I mean is, place your hair between your index and middle finger (see, peace), and slide the strands to the bridge of your nose.

This will create your "bang triangle."

... Yes. I am aware of how this sounds.

Step 4: Ménage à trois

Okay, okay. The bang triangle is not what it sounds like.

But it is tres important when it comes to how to cut bangs at home.

As it shows you where you want to cut.

When you have formed your bang triangle, hold the section out directly in front of your face.

Position your fingers where you'd like the length of your bangs to stop.

Step 5: Flip it real good

Gently flip the ends of your hair upward.

This will give you the best angle to cut from.

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Step 6: The moment of truth

Time to cut.

This is the last point before you can back out, so it's probably a good time to ask yourself, "do I really want to cut my bangs?"

If the answers is yes, then let's gooo.

Go in at an angle with you scissors. This is known as point cutting among professional hairstylists (who are probably yelling at me through their computer screens right now).

The point cut means pointing your blades as if they were clock hands pointing at the 7.

Once you've got the right angle, do small, light snips across the ends of your fringe.

Step 7: Check yo' self.

This is VERY important, so you don't, you know, wreck yo' self.

You must check your work after every few snips to ensure you're on track, not on hack.

But, if you have made an inevitable mistake... you should probably quit while you're ahead and seek professional help.

Do not fall into the just "one more cut trap" it will end in tears, and you have to wear awkwardly placed bobby pins pulling your hacked up strands back for the next 3 months.

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Step 8: Rejoice

If you have gotten to this step and don't look a toddler who got ahold of the scissors, well done!

It's time to style your new bangs!

Give your strands a light spray with some water and blow dry them using a round barrel brush.

This will boost their volume and help them sit right.

You should be able to wear your bangs in a full front fringe or part them in the middle for curtain bangs.

It's all up to you.


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