Before you go rogue with a razor or pair of kitchen scissors and cut your hair at home, there are a few things you should think about.

The first and most important being; how many wines have you had?

If the answer exceeds 3, eat some food and go to bed, definitely do not cut your hair or text your ex.

You will regret both.

But, if your blood alcohol level is safe to drive, then it is safe to give yourself a snip.

Although your hairdresser may disagree.

Cutting your hair at home should be illegal, but sometimes it is necessary.

(Like for instance a global pandemic strikes and the hairdressing industry shuts down.)

So here is how to cut your hair at home without looking like you lost a fight with a lawnmower.


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Gear Up

Believe it or not, you'll need more than a pair of blunt scissors to give yourself a proper at-home hair cut.

Blunt scissors will cause even more split ends and expose your hair to more pollutants and nasties through cross-contamination.

They can also push the strands as they're snipping them creating crooked lines instead of a sharp and even cut.

So a decent pair of sharp, salon-quality sheers are the most important things you need to cut your hair at home.

These blades allow you to get a more precise cut with clean lines and edges.

They minimise split ends (instead of creating more unlike their blunt buddies) and actually make your hair healthier.

Also, the sharper the scissors, the more control you have.

Some other tools you need to cut your hair at home are:
  • Sectioning Clips
  • A wide-tooth comb
  • A tail comb
  • A spray bottle for water
  • A towel
  • Clippers (if your hair is very short, or you're going Britney 2007)

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Tips And Tricks For Cutting Your Hair At Home

There are a few handy hacks you should know before hacking into your own hair.

Some tips for cutting your hair at home are:

  • Get Help: Flying solo can go very bad when it comes to DIY hair cuts, so if you can enlist help do so, (and no, the girls 5 Champagnes deep at pre-drinks don't count). A friend can be handy to spot the uneven lengths throughout your locks that you might miss in a mirror.
  • Use multiple mirrors: If you have to go it alone use multiple mirrors placed at varying angles so you can see as much of your head and hair as possible.
  • Consider your hair type: If you have curly, short, thin or unhealthy hair you might wanna consider not cutting it at home. Mistakes will be extremely visible and hard to hide. If you decide to cut your hair at home still, please use A LOT of caution.
  • Go slow: Imagine over plucked brows but on your entire head. What I mean is, you can always cut more hair, but you can't go back if you accidentally go too far. So cut small pieces at a time and work your way shorter and shorter. Always step away and reassess if you get the urge to keep cutting.
  • Cut vertically: While you may have the urge to chop your locks off in a big horizontal line, DON'T. This will result in a weird hacky-looking-half-bowl cut-blunt-bob-hybrid. Horizontal lines are necessary when removing bulk length, but vertical snips are best for detailing and blending. So if you do the dreaded horizontal hack, be sure to back it up with some vertical snips to blend the ends.


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How To Cut Your Hair At Home

Now we have our sharpest scissors handy and know a few tips; it's time to cut.


Deep breaths, everything will be fine.

So, how to cut your hair at home?

First, I want to be clear we are not completely restyling your hair, we are merely chopping the dead ends and giving it a spruce.

Do not, and I repeat, do not attempt to give yourself layers, a bob or anything else that requires precision and skill.

Techniques will differ for different hair types, but the prep steps are standard across the board.

Step 1:

Wash and deep condition your hair. This will help soothe and smooth your ends meaning less to cut.

Let your hair dry completely and give it a thorough brush to detangle.

Pro tip: if you have a particularly untamed mane, you can spritz it with some water to keep it controlled, but avoid getting it too damp.

Step 2:

Using the tail comb, separate your hair into small, manageable sections and clip them out of the way.

Step 3:

Drape a towel over your shoulders and clip it in the middle so it is secure.

Now that you're prepped and ready let's talk about at home trims for specific hair types.


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How To Cut Long Hair At Home

Your hair should already be separated and clip into sections.

This is especially important for long hair as you don't want a loose strand becoming a misplaced snip.

Take one section of hair at a time and determine how much you want to cut.

I suggest working an inch at a time or even a little less.

Again, always start by cutting a little less than what you first think.

Once you have removed the bulk of the length, begin snipping the ends vertically to blend.

Take another section and repeat, making sure the lengths are even as you go.


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How To Cut Short Hair At Home

Phoning a friend is recommended when cutting short hair at home.

Short strands are much more difficult to cut by yourself than long locks.

Always start at the front of your head and work your way backward.

This is so you can get the length right at around your face and match it at the back.

Start by chopping vertically, there is no need for a horizontal chop here and only cut very small amounts at a time.

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How To Cut Curly Hair At Home

The way to cut curly hair at home depends on the type of curls you have.

For tighter curls, you should section your hair and detangle it gently, try to cause as little frizz as possible.

Start with the front sections of hair, working backwards and keep your strands pulled tight as you trim.

This will stop the ringlets from moving and bouncing.

For loose curls, you should make sure your hair has no moisture and cut it on a slight angle.

This will allow the ends to blend subtly and not create uneven lines and awkward layers.

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