Soft and silky hair seems like an elusive dream. But, you’re not alone! I know how frustrating it is to crave that soft, shiny texture, especially when you think you’re doing everything possible to achieve it.

The thing is, we often make tiny mistakes that can make all the difference. So, I’ve put together this comprehensive guide on how to get softer hair. Trust me, once you know these secrets, you'll be on your way to achieving that dreamy hair texture.

Bonus: These tips are easy to do and expert-approved!

Avoid Over-Rinsing and Hot Water

Who doesn’t love the feeling of standing under a steaming shower, especially during those chilly mornings? Reality check: while our skin might be relishing the warmth, our precious locks aren’t sharing the same sentiment.

Hot water, as relaxing as it is, acts like a little bandit that robs your hair of its natural oils. They not only provide nourishment, but also play a pivotal role in how to make your hair voluminous and how to get that dreamy, smooth hair texture.

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Use Microfibre Towels for Drying Hair

When you think about how to get silky hair, you might not immediately consider the tool you’re using to dry your locks post-shower.

The average towel in our homes, while great for our bodies, isn’t the best choice for our hair. When it comes to achieving that silky hair look, microfibre towels are the ultimate solution.

With their finer threads, they’re designed to be super gentle on hair. They absorb excess water without causing friction, making sure your hair remains smooth, shiny, and easy to manage.

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Apply Leave-in Conditioner Regularly

As we go about our day, our hair encounters a lot. From damaging sunlight to frizz-causing drizzle, these factors can sap the natural moisture from our locks, leaving them feeling dry and lacklustre.

This is where a leave-in conditioner steps in. Think of it as a protective barrier. While a shampoo and conditioner duo puts in work during the wash, a leave-in conditioner ensures the hair remains hydrated and protected throughout the day.

Now, if you often ask, "How do I make my tresses soft without it being a frizzy hair mess?", a leave-in conditioner is your answer! Instead of puffy, unruly strands, you get volume paired with smooth hair.

Plus, a leave-in conditioner contains ingredients that reflect light, giving your hair that enviable shine—a quick way to get a shiny hair treatment on-the-go!

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Regularly Trim Your Hair

If you're anything like me, the thought of snipping away your hair, especially when you're trying to grow it out, might seem counterintuitive. But, regular trims are one of the best-kept secrets of how to get silky hair.

When we talk about achieving that silky hair texture or that shiny hair glow, trimming plays a pivotal role because of split ends.

Over time, split ends can creep up your hair shaft, leading to severe breakage or thinning, and overall hair damage. They can make your hair look frizzy and prevent you from attaining that smooth hair finish. And, when it comes to hair tips, any stylist worth their salt will tell you that eliminating split ends is a top priority.

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Use Hair Masks for Nourishment

Softer, shinier hair isn’t just a product of fancy hair products or expensive treatments. One of the best methods to truly understand how to get silky hair lies in the simple act of nourishing it right—and hair masks are your best allies in this mission.

While there’s a sea of hair masks available out there, sometimes the best solutions are found in our homes. For those who swear by DIY hair moisture treatments, try this recipe:

DIY Essential Oil Hair Mask Recipe


  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil (excellent for hydration and shine)
  • 1 tablespoon of pure organic honey (acts as a natural humectant)
  • 4-5 drops of lavender essential oil (known for promoting hair growth and curbing hair fall)
  • 4-5 drops of rosemary essential oil (stimulates the scalp and adds a lovely aroma)


  1. Start by gently warming the coconut oil in a bowl. It should be liquid but not too hot.
  2. Add in the organic honey, mixing until you get a smooth blend.
  3. Now, introduce the lavender and rosemary essential oils, ensuring an even distribution throughout the mixture.
  4. Once your concoction is ready, apply it generously from the roots to the tips of your hair.
  5. Wrap your hair in a bun; this will help the mask penetrate even deeper through your scalp's natural heat.
  6. Leave the mask on for about 20-30 minutes.
  7. Rinse with water, and for best results, cleanse with a trusted shampoo and conditioner.
  8. Finish off with a cold rinse, which helps in sealing the hair cuticles, making your hair smooth and shiny.
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Heat Style With Caution

You have a special event and want picture-perfect, smooth hair. What do you do? You reach for your flat iron for those flawless locks.

But, overexposure to heat can be one of the biggest culprits behind hair damage. Wondering how to get silky hair when your styling tools seem to be working against you? Here's a guide:

1. Always Apply Heat Protectant Spray

Before you turn on that hairdryer or flat iron, coat your hair with a quality heat protectant spray. Think of it like sunscreen for your hair. And just as you wouldn't step into the sun without protection, your hair deserves the same consideration.

2. Adjust Heat Settings According to Hair Type

If you have thin hair, high heat settings can be overkill. Thicker hair might require slightly higher temperatures, but that doesn’t mean you crank it to the maximum. Always start with a lower setting and adjust as needed.

3. Limit the Frequency of Heat Styling

If you're dedicated to figuring out how to get silky hair, consider reducing how often you use hot tools. You can air-dry your hair a couple of times a week, or adopt hairstyles that don't require heat. The reduced exposure will give your strands a much-needed break.

4. Deep Condition Regularly

Heat styling can sometimes leave your hair parched. Using a deep conditioning treatment or hair masks can rejuvenate those strands, infusing them with moisture and bringing back that softer hair texture.

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Invest in Silk Pillowcases

Your pillowcase’s fabric plays an instrumental role in the health and texture of your hair.

Most of us grew up using cotton pillowcases. While they might feel soft, they can actually be abrasive on your hair at a microscopic level. Those nights when you toss and turn and your hair gets roughed up against the cotton? This friction can lead to hair breakage and dryness—which ultimately reduces that silky hair shine we all crave.

This is where silk pillowcases shine (pun intended!). Their smooth texture ensures minimal friction, meaning no more waking up with that dreaded bedhead. Instead, you'll notice your hair looking more refreshed, vibrant, and yes, significantly softer.

Want to know the best part? The Sitting Pretty Pillowcase isn’t just any ordinary silk pillowcase. It's crafted from 100% pure Mulberry charmeuse silk.

For those uninitiated in the world of silks, Mulberry charmeuse is renowned for its smoother, softer, and gentler properties compared to other silk blends on the market. Not only does it offer a luxurious feel, but it also provides the utmost care for your precious locks.

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Select Hair Products Suitable for Your Hair Type

The quest for how to get softer hair often starts in the aisle of your local beauty store—where shelves are stocked with a myriad of hair products promising silky hair, shiny hair, and everything in between. But, every person's hair is as unique as their fingerprint. That's why it's so important to choose products that resonate with your specific hair type!

Here’s a list of products that are garnering rave reviews and could potentially be the answer on how to get softer, silky hair:

Hydrating Shampoo by Hello Hair: This shampoo not only helps keep your hair hydrated and healthy, but is also a fantastic option for those wanting smooth hair.

Davroe Leave-in Masque: This isn't just a product; think of it as a treat for your hair. If you've been pondering about how to make your hair soft, this masque might just be your answer.

Evo Fabuloso Custom Colour Conditioner: Apart from ensuring softer hair, this product is a godsend for those with coloured tresses. It maintains the vibrancy of your hue while also ensuring your locks stay silky and shiny.

Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner: For those keen on how to keep hair healthy and hydrated, this duo works wonders. Especially recommended for those with dry hair looking for that shiny hair treatment.

Halo Hair Extensions: The reality is good extensions, like the Sitting Pretty Halo Hair Extensions, do more than just add length and volume. They’re designed to keep hair health in mind. Without the need for clips, beads, glues, or weaves, they ensure your hair doesn't undergo undue stress that many other extension methods might cause.

Silk Hair Scrunchies: Love tying your hair? Break free from tight elastic hair ties with a version that’s guaranteed to be gentle on your hair, just like your silk pillowcase. The Sitting Pretty Essential Silk Hair Ties are so soft on your hair, they help prevent damage and breakage, and still hold your hair in place!

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Choose the Right Hairstyling Tool

Want to know the best part about today's hair industry? It's continuously innovating. If you’re serious about your shiny hair goals, investing in high-quality tools is essential. For instance, a CHI hair dryer offers advanced technology that helps in reducing damage while ensuring your hair remains smooth.

Now, if you're a fan of styling your hair frequently, you might want to take a step back and reevaluate your methods. Excessive use of high-heat tools, even the revered CHI hair dryer, can wreak havoc on your hair. Instead, opt for a hooded hair dryer that distributes heat more evenly, ensuring lesser damage.

And remember, whenever you’re thinking of styling, always ask yourself: "Is there a way to achieve this look with less heat?" Your quest for how to make hair soft might just be a few heat settings away!

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Be Gentle

Treat your hair with the love and respect it deserves. Avoid aggressive brushing, and if you come across a knot, be gentle. Patience is key. Remember, your hair is delicate, and every time you treat it with care, you're one step closer to achieving that soft, silky hair of your dreams.

Every individual's scalp and hair health is unique. But with these hair tips and dedicated care, softer, shinier, and healthier hair is well within reach.

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Colour Your Hair the Right Way

Hair colouring, while transformative, is a chemical process. This process can, at times, strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and less resilient. The trick is to counteract these effects and focus on how to make hair soft again after it's been coloured with sulfate-free shampoos, rich hair masks, and religiously applying hair oils and leave-in conditioners.

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So, as you venture out, hoping to transform your hair, remember these hair tips. Whether it’s mastering how to make your hair soft or diving deep into shiny hair treatments, consistency is key. Soft, shiny, and beautiful hair is just around the corner.

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