It can be hard to stay on top of all the new hairstyles for women constantly popping up on insta.

But don't start the year off with new hair regrets.

We have rounded up the hottest new hairstyles for women that you should try this year!

No more new year, new me.

We are all about new you, new do.

1. Lived in locks

Essentially this new hairstyle for women stems from our laziness.

Live in locks consist of shaggy ends and grown out roots.

The hues should be subtle, natural and nuanced.

The easiest way to get a lived-in look is to simply skip the salon for a few months, but, this will obviously take some time.

A skilful stylist can create this trend by integrating your natural colour into your strands and muting any bright highlights.

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new hair trends for women halo hair extensions donning the Medium halo in col. #10/6

The Medium halo in col. #10/6

2. Layer up

Layers came and went in the early noughties.

But, now they're back on the scene.

Thankfully, the new look is a little more subtle than those we rocked in high school.

This new layered look is chic and edgy all at the same time.

It involves longer wispy strands, and cheek length locks to frame the face.

It is universally flattering and a great way to make thin hair look thicker.

New hairstyles for women halo hair extensions donning The Medium Halo in Col. #613/10

The Medium Halo in Col. #613/10

3. Less is a bore

One of the biggest new hairstyles for women this year is OTT accessories.

No more less is more.

Forget the old adage, "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off."

Sorry Coco Chanel, but this year is all about accessories, accessories, accessories.

Stack your hair strands up with decorative clips, statement pieces, bulky headbands and outlandish hats!

Time to break out the be-dazzlers and frost yourselves in ice, ice, babes because bling is back.

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new hair trends for women halo hair extensions

Image Credit: Leonie Hanne

4. Natural texture

Maybe a new hairstyle for women is the hairstyle you've had all along?

Sick of being told how to wear your hair?

Well, stop listening.

Ditch the trends and rock your natural texture with pride.

This year it's time to do you, boo.

woman donning The THICK halo in col. #2

The THICK halo in col. #2

5. Shaggy

Woke-up-like-this ladies love this new hair trend for women.

And with the return to natural beauty surging, I want to see bedhead boom back into the scene.

I'm talking no brushes.

Skip the wash an extra day.

Scrunch, plum, and let the texture take shape.

So, watchya say, wanna shag baby?

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woman donning The thick Halo Medium in #60 Platinum Blonde

The thick Halo Medium in #60

6. Bobby wins

This new hairstyle for women celebrates the MVP of hairstyling, the humble bobby pin.

And it's about damn time old bobby-p got not just some cred, but a serious glow up.

Bob has gone from a styling staple to a stylish accessory almost overnight.

From sparkly bobby pins to ones donning jewels, this is the biggest thing to happen to hair since the OG Bobby Pin itself.

So, how to style your hair using bobby pins?

My favourite look is what I have dubbed, the good girl pin.

This collegiate style channels some serious preppy vibes.

It involves taking two or three decorative bobby pins and placing them either side of your forehead, clipping the front strands back away from your face.

Pair this style with your favourite floral dress, a chunky cardigan and tennis shoes.

woman donning The Thick Halo in Col. #613/10 Beige Blonde + Dark Blonde

The Thick Halo in Col. #613/10

7. Glossy texture

Ok, so this new hairstyle for women may seem like the opposite to live in locks.

But, hear me out.

This trend is all about healthy hair and taking care of your scalp.

Glossy textures mean healthy hair and healthy hair means a healthier you!

So to get this gorgeous glossy texture, you might want to have a listen to what the condition of your locks is trying to tell you.

Because this year, healthy is the new cute.

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woman donning The Thick Halo in Col. Cream Blonde 20C

The Thick Halo in Col. #20C

8. Plaited pony

Ponytails reign supreme when it comes to hairstyles.

They're effortless, flattering and versatile.

Which is where this new hairstyle for women is born.

The plaited pony doesn't need much of an explainer... it is literally a ponytail with the length plaited.

This is taking two of the year's predicted hottest hair trends to create one super-hairstyle-hybrid.

You can rock this style in a high or low pony and don as many accessories as you please.

Just beware when whipping your hair, as you will know if you've ever played netball, plaits can cause lethal lashings.


woman donning The MEDIUM halo Col. #613/10 Beige Blonde + Dark Blonde

The MEDIUM halo Col. #613/10

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