Whether you're a natural blonde or brunette-turned-blonde, there comes a time where you've got to do your blonde hair due diligence.

What I mean is, it's risky business to go blonde or blonder without a perfect photo reference of exactly what blonde you want.

As someone with an extensive Pinterest board full of blonde hair inspiration, I know the research that goes into finding your perfect blonde shade.

So I'm making your life a little easier by putting all the blonde options in one place.

You're welcome ;)

Discover below our top 20 blonde hair colour ideas, from highlights to platinum and everything in between.

Best practices for blonde hair

Going blonde is a commitment.

So when deciding to go blonde, the most important factor is to change your hair care routine accordingly.

Once you introduce bleach to your hair, you have to consider that;

  • The texture of your hair will change
  • Your hair will become drier
  • Hair treatments and leave-in conditioners will become your new best friend

On the bright side, it is totally possible to colour your hair blonde and have healthy, luscious hair, as long as you put in the work to look after your locks.

Many salons now use Olaplex No. 3 when colouring hair blonde too, to coat and protect the hair when bleaching.

I'd suggest that if you're going blonde, deep conditioning hair treatments should become a weekly or fortnightly regime.

If you need some inspiration on effective hair care routines, see what other girls are doing here.

Creamy Ash Blonde

hair colour ideas: cream blonde

the THICK halo col. Ash Blonde 18

If you've got mousy hair that fits somewhere between the categories of blonde and brunette, the easiest way to add more dimension to your hair is with cream blonde foils.

Creamy blonde highlights compliment hair with ashy undertones.

Above, stylist @pinklablonde has use fine foils up the top to give the illusion of a lighter colour, and transitioned to thicker foils at the ends.

Platinum Blonde

hair colour ideas: platinum blonde

the THICK halo col. Platinum Blonde 60

Fresh Platinum Blonde hair looks stunning, but requires just as much work to get there. When going platinum it's super important you go to a stylist you trust who specialises in blondes.

We've heard one too many horror stories from our customers coming to us for our halo hair extensions because their hair has fallen out after going platinum blonde.

Keep in mind that different hair types can handle bleach differently, so if you've got very delicate fine hair it's sometimes safer to stick to highlights so you don't sacrifice the quality of your natural hair.

Honey Cream Blonde

hair colour ideas: cream blonde

the THICK halo col. Cream Blonde 20C

If your complexion suits warm tones, this warmer creamy blonde is perfect.

Mixing cream blonde highlights with subtle honey lowlights makes for a softer blonde.

With a blonde blend like this, you can keep the creamy colour lasting longer by alternating with purple shampoo every second wash.

Pearl Blonde

hair colour ideas: ash blonde

the FINE halo col. Ash Blonde 18

It's borderline Ash-blonde, but still a hint of warmth.

The pearly blonde is for the girls that want to get rid of any copper undertones when going blonde, but aren't looking for a super icy, ashy colour.

The great thing about pearl blondes is that it's not a huge commitment.

Once you've toned your hair, you can either let the toner fade back to a warmer blonde or maintain the toner with purple or blue shampoo to enhance the cool tones.

Cream Blonde Balayage

hair colour ideas: dirty blonde balayage

the THICK halo col. Cream Blonde 20C

Lived in blonde is my personal favourite.

It's the low-maintenance way of being blonde, which is great for two reasons:

  1. Less visits to the salon
  2. It's much easier to maintain healthy hair when you're colouring it less often

If you've been going strong with blonde hair for a while and you want to dial it back, you can do this by getting your hairdresser to simply blend your roots rather than doing a whole head of foils.

This will give you the chance to grow out your full head of blonde without the regrowth.

Honey Blonde

hair colour ideas: honey blonde

the MEDIUM halo col. Beige Blonde + Dark Blonde 613/10

This classic bright blonde is the perfect summer shade.

It combines fine foils of beige blonde and dark blonde to create an overall soft, warm blonde look.

Here, our MEDIUM halo was used to add length and volume to her fresh blonde locks.

Beige Blonde Highlights

 hair colour ideas: beige blonde highlights

the THICK halo col. Beige Blonde 613

When I think of the saying 'blondes have more fun' this is the blonde that comes to mind.

It's that beachy, sunkissed blonde that makes you seem like you've spent a summer on the coast.

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Blonde + Caramel Ombré

hair colour ideas: blonde ombre

the THICK halo col. Beige Blonde + Dark Blonde 613/10

I've never seen a blonde ombré I didn't like.

To whoever made ombré a thing, thank you.

Whether you've got dark brown or ashy, light brown roots, blonde balayage seems to compliment the majority.

If you're intrigued to go blonde but you're not sure if it'll suit you, ombré is a great starting point.

I'm also a big fan of ombré or balayage blonde because it eliminates re-growth entirely.

Which is great because regrowth is, in my opinion, the universal pet peeve of being blonde.

Dark Blonde

hair colour ideas: dark blonde

the MEDIUM halo col. Dark Blonde 10

Dark Blonde is particularly great for three types of girls:

1) You're a brunette looking to go lighter, but not ready for bleach blonde.

Going dark blonde first is the safest way for brunette girls to make the blonde transition, without stripping the hair of too much colour and nutrients in the initial colouring stage.

2) You want more manageable blonde hair that requires less maintenance

When it comes to warm blondes like these, it's easier to maintain the warm tones compared to ashy blondes that need frequent toners or blue shampoo.

3) You want to be blonde but you're trying to grow your hair

Dark blonde can be achieved with toner rather than bleach, which means it won't dry out your hair as bleach does. This is a healthier option to being blonde while strengthening and growing your hair.

Champagne Blonde

hair colour ideas: champagne blonde

the THICK halo col. Beige Blonde 613

A classic blonde that's the perfect in-between warm and cool blonde.

The dimension of blonde comes from new and old highlights mixing together, keeping the colour looking fresh and vibrant.

Ice Blonde

hair colour ideas: white blonde

Achieve this colour with our Platinum Blonde halo.

Talk about a blonde bombshell.

I love how Platinum Blonde can make such a statement.

Of course, like all blondes but particularly with platinum, make sure you've got your hair care routine on point to protect this bleach blonde from compromising your hair health.

White Ash Blonde

hair colour ideas: white ash blonde

Achieve this colour with our Ash Blonde 18 halo.

Another ashy blonde, but with more platinum highlights if you're working towards a white blonde look but need more dimension in your hair.

This colour also blends well with dark roots, which is great because the less bleach you have at the roots of your hair, the better.

Avoiding bleaching your roots will allow for better hair growth.

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Silver Ash Blonde

hair colour ideas: silver ash blonde

Achieve this colour with our Ash Blonde 18 halo.

The great thing about being ash blonde is you can then experiment with toning, from white/ash blonde to silver/ash blonde.

When it comes to silvery ash blonde hair, hairdressers will usually keep some platinum highlights in there to brighten the overall colour and rid of any dullness.

Ash Blonde/Light Brown Highlights + Lowlights

hair colour ideas: brunette with blonde higlights

Achieve this colour with our Ash Blonde + Light Brown blend halo.

This colour is equal parts light brown as it is blonde, and I personally LOVE it.

If done right, light brown with ash blonde highlights is a match made in heaven.

Just like this bombshell above, the ash blonde and light brown colour combo looks particularly smokin' with olive skin.

Platinum Ombré

hair colour ideas: dark blonde with platinum ombre

Achieve this look with our Platinum Blonde halo.

This is the ultimate 'I want to be platinum blonde but also trying to grow my hair' colour.

Warm blonde roots transitioning into a statement platinum ombré is a style you should definitely consider if you're thinking about going platinum.

It's much easier to maintain than a full platinum blonde head.

Caramel Blonde

hair colour ideas: caramel blonde

Achieve this look with our Dark Blonde + Beige Blonde blend halo.

For the brunettes that want to be blonde-ish without any colour damage, there's caramel blonde.

A soft mix of dark blonde and beige blonde highlights transform brunette hair for a blonde illusion.

Beige Blonde + Caramel Highlights

hair colour ideas: caramel blonde highlights

Achieve this look with our Dark Blonde + Beige Blonde blend halo.

Of course, once you start getting blonde highlights, you keep wanting more.

So next time you visit the salon, you might want to request thicker beige blonde highlights like this.

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Blonde Lowlights

hair colour ideas: blonde lowlights
Achieve this look with our Dark Blonde halo.
Trend alert: lowlights.
This subtle blonde hue doesn't demand much work in the salon department and is a versatile hair colour all year round.

Platinum Blonde With Dark Roots

hair colour ideas: platinum blonde with dark roots

Achieve this look with our Platinum Blonde halo.

Is it just me or did the Kardashians bring back intentionally super dark roots with platinum blonde locks?

I for one, think it's a blessing to the blonde community to have the stamp of approval to walk around with dark roots and call it trendy.

Cream Blonde Highlights

hair colour ideas: cream blonde highlights

Achieve this colour with our Cream Blonde halo.

If you have copper undertones in your hair, you might like to go for creamy, brighter blonde highlights to balance out the warmth of your natural hair.

Thicker highlights framing the face will make you appear more blonde, or keep finer highlights higher on your head for a blonde ombré look.


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