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Thin Hair? Here's What To Do

Thin Hair? Here's What To Do

From brows to bootys, we all want thicc erry thang.

And our hair is certainly no exception to this rule.

Well thin-haired hunnies, rejoice because I've put together your 'thin hair what to do' bible.

From products to styles, cuts and, of course, Halos, I have the seven best how to's for combating thin hair.


Give the illusion of thicker hair with volumising shampoo and conditioner 


thin hair what to do


Just like abs are apparently made in the kitchen (I'm still yet to find this recipe), thick hair is made in the shower.

Volumising shampoo and conditioner are one of the most tried and true methods for combating thin hair.

These products contain less conditioning properties meaning they're lighter-weight and don't weigh the hair down as much. 

So, while they don't technically add volume to your hair, they allow it to reach its full thickness potential by not weighing your strands down with dense ingredients. 

To compensate for the lack of conditioning properties, opt for a shampoo and conditioner set that also contains some moisturising ingredients.  

That way, your hair will be bustling with volume while still being shiny and hydrated.

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Get thicker hair instantly with the Sitting Pretty Halo 


Thin hair what to do

@maddie.thomson wears the FINE halo in col. Beige Blonde + Dark Blonde 613/10 styled by @emmachenartistry


Call me bias, but The Sitting Pretty Halo is one of the easiest and fastest ways to boost your hair's volume. 

annnd it also looks freakin' bangin'. 



Whether your locks are long or short, we offer three different halo thicknesses, including: Fine, Medium and Thick.

With our extensive range of colours which can be customised, there is undoubtedly a halo to solve your thin hair problems, instantly.

After all, that is what we do.

So if you have thin hair, here's what to do; 

Send us a picture, and we will colour match you.

Place your order.

And wait at the window until the postie arrives!


sitting pretty halo hair



once you've received your pressie, GET YOUR SITTING PRETTY HALO CUT.

This is extremely important.

The Halo will almost double in thickness when cut to match your hair, and it will also save you from looking like you're rocking clip-ins form the early 2000s. 





After that, style The Sitting Pretty Halo and enjoy hella thicc hair. 


Learn how to get thicker hair using The Sitting Pretty Halo 



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Wash your hair right to boost volume


thin hair what to do


As well as what you're using to wash your hair, you also need to pay attention to how you're washing it.

And yes, there is a little more to it than lather rinse repeat.

Firstly, as mentioned above, ensure you're using a lightweight, moisturising shampoo and conditioner set specifically for volumising. 

Also, ensure you're using a salon-quality clarifying shampoo to eliminate any nasties that may be causing your locks to look limp.

So, how should you be washing your thin hair?

Well, for one, you should be shampooing less.

I know this may strike panic in the hearts of all thin-haired beauties out there, but hear me out.

Shampooing too frequently can cause a build-up of product in your scalp.

Which can cause your hair not only to look thinner but also to fall out.

"But my hair gets so greasy" I hear you scream collectively.

Fret don't, I'm not suggesting you suddenly start washing your hair weekly, just maybe every second or third day.

Invest in a good quality dry shampoo to get by in the interim.

Using dry shampoo will also help your hair look thicker.

As far as conditioner goes, avoid getting it in your roots.

Again, this can cause product build-up, leading to hair fall as well as your locks being heavier in general.

Instead, scrunch your hair while conditioning and keep it to the ends only. 

This provides an excellent foundation for air drying, creating natural waves which will create the illusion of thicker hair.


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Blow-dry your hair with a round brush to boost volume


thin hair what to do


This is one of the oldest tricks of the trade when it comes to answering 'thin hair what to do?'. 

But, if you also live in a constant state of surprise at your own limbs, round brushing seem like more trouble than it's worth.

If you can work on your hand-eye coordination (something I have never been able to master), this is a handy skill for thin-haired hunnies to acquire.

Blowdrying is probably the best way to boost your volume, and adding a round brush to your routine will give you that lil extra va-va-voom.

For thin hair, here's what to do:

When blowdrying leave the round brushing to the very end.

Blow dry your hair upside down first.

Once the hair is 60-70 per cent dry, THEN flip your hair back over and begin round brushing.

Be very gentle and careful not to pull too hard as this will cause your hair to sit flatter.

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Get highlights for long lasting volume 


thin hair what to do

@kristinamendonca wears the FINE halo in col. Beige Blonde + Dark Blonde 613/10. Styled by @emmachenartistry


Highlights are one of the best things you can do for thin hair. 

They are a permanent fix for fine hair as they add texture and volume by roughing up your hair cuticles. 

So, basically, if ya hair is bein' a lil punk, ya gonna rough it up.

Unfortunately, this is the same reason highlights can also weaken your hair.

So, if you go this route, your locks require a little extra TLC.

But as long as you're not going too OTT with appointments and bleach, then your hair should stay healthy. 

If you're worried about damage, check with your stylist as to how you can best care for your hair.

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Get a blunt cut to make thin hair look thicker


thin hair what to do

 @chontelleberryman wears the FINE halo in col. Platinum Blonde 60.


Thin hair? Here's what to do.

Sorry to be blunt.

But get yourself a blunt cut.

Not only are blunt lobs and bobs the peak of fashion RN, but they're also perfect for solving thin hair problems.

This strategic style bulks up your hair instantly, not only causing it too look thicker but to thicken up on its own.

A blunt cut is also a great protective style, as regular cuts keep your locks healthy, allowing your hair to grow more quickly, reaching its full thickness potential. 

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Take supplements to get thicker hair


thin hair what to do



From breakouts to tantrums, our lives are entirely ruled by hormones.

(and mercury's never-ending retrograde)

But hormone wise, our hair is no different.

In fact, hormone imbalances are the leading cause of female pattern hair thinning.

That and stress, of course.

From beauty supplements to prescription medications, supplements and vitamins can be curative for thin hair.

Even something as simple as changing your contraceptive pill can have a significant impact.

Chat to your doctor or naturopath before you try this method.

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Opt for volumising styling products


thin hair what to do



Here's your 'thin hair what to do' styling edition - invest in volumising products!

Leave-in thickening and volumising sprays, mousses, serums and gels can turn your volume up louder than a Mykonos boat party.  


These products coat the hair and give it grip, making it feel and appear thicker.

They also make it easier for you to manipulate your strands in more voluminous styles.

Chose your weapons and add them in damp hair then dry as usual to create more fullness.

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